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JBOX-58 - Pack of 20

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Starting at: £17.58 Inc VAT
£14.65 Ex VAT

JBOX-58 Book Wraps have an internal size of 302mm x 215mm and can hold items up to 80mm thick. They are a versatile way to package A4 books or stationery items providing secure, shock-proof protection in transit.

The wrap design protects the contents from external crushing and impact and the adjustable height provides a snug fit to prevent movement within the parcel.

Made from FSC approved cardboard ready fitted with a high tack self adhesive strip, Book Wraps are 100% recyclable. They are fast to pack and cost effective to post, no wonder they are so popular with major online sellers like Amazon!

Internal Dimensions:   302mm x 215mm x <80mm

External Dimensions:   353mm x 225mm x <100mm

Book Wrap Weight:   139g

Equivalent Codes:   CP 20.08, CP 020.08

Order Ref:   JBOX-58

EAN:   08711717790147

1 Pack (20 Book Wraps)
£14.65 each
2 Packs (40 Book Wraps)
£12.95 each
5 Packs (100 Book Wraps)
£11.65 each
10 Packs (200 Book Wraps)
£10.55 each
20 Packs (400 Book Wraps)
£9.65 each
40 Packs (800 Book Wraps)
£9.25 each
100 Packs (2,000 Book Wraps)
£8.90 each
200 Packs (4,000 Book Wraps)
£8.25 each
144 Boxes In Stock
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