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About us

Priory Direct is UK and Europe's leading ecommerce labels and packaging supplier. We consistently receive 98% positive customer feedback; higher than any other business in our field.

We're proud of that, it means we're getting it right for our customers. We're here to get you ready for delivery and we promise to:

Always be in stock So you are not left without your essentials

Always be in stock
Despatch all orders before 5pm the same day! So your stock is replenished quickly
despatch all orders
Always deliver outstanding value So you don't have to waste time shopping around
always deliver

We're a family business that's been creating integrated labels for over 20 years and selling packaging and labels online for more than 10. We've seen a few changes to the way products are sold online over the years and we've made a few ourselves too, its taught us a lot. Because of this vast experience our customers rely on us for great value, considered product advice and truly exceptional customer service.

Bob, our founder, likes us to tell how the company got started; it's his life and passion, so we think that's fair enough. This is how it all began.

It was back in the heady days of the early 1990's, digital photography was new; the opportunities were beginning. We specialised in business forms, however, our client's digital photography business expansion plans were hindered by inefficiency in despatch.

They were printing packing notes and despatch labels separately, then franking. By integrating the despatch labels into the packing note and invoice, with a PPI (Postage Paid Impression) label, all could be printed at the same time.

Ta da! The integrated label for e-commerce was born. Both businesses expanded.

Today, we're UK and Europe's largest provider of integrated labels, with the widest range of integrated labels layouts to suit all major ecommerce platforms and market places and thousands of bespoke label customers.

After seeing the care we place in supplying our integrated labels, our customers asked for more. They needed envelopes, bubble lined bags, book wraps, packing boxes and postal tubes. We supplied them; they improved their ecommerce despatch operations. There are now over 900 items in our packaging range. Discovering which suits your needs is made easier with our free samples service. Then there’s the savings. We like you to save more, our Accumulator Saver and Direct Reward points, help you do just that.

So that’s us, Priory Direct, in a nut shell. Customers choose us as their long term e-commerce supplier because we promise to make their despatch processes easier with leading quality products and unsurpassed customer service levels. Their feedback and loyalty tells us we’re getting it right. Our daily challenge is to keep on doing so with innovative new products, services and ever improving service standards.

We’d love to tell you more, and learn more about your needs. Why not give us a call on 01622 580 100, let’s see how we can make your order despatch process the best it can be.

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