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The future will be green or not at all

We believe that the future will be green or not at all, so we’ve produced our PrioryElements packaging range to protect our elements and the planet. All of the PrioryElements ranges minimise the use of new materials, prevent unbiodegradable waste by-products, and can be recycled fully.

We also wanted to visually communicate the environmental credentials of our PrioryElements ranges which is why we have decided to create a unique sizing system that communicates the size & product-specific credentials. We have chosen to use vulnerable and endangered animals to represent the sizes of our ranges because we want to raise awareness for the threats that they face.

The public awareness of the environmental crisis has never been greater, and as a family business that loves the outdoors, we want to use our position in our industry to bring about change. We have all seen the damage that plastic is doing to the planet, and has brought the wider environmental crisis to light. That’s why our number one priority with Priory Elements was to ensure all ranges are plastic-free and help move us towards a circular resource loop.