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Priory Direct Accumulator Saver

Delivering the best price on your ecommerce supplies

Accumulator Saver is our unique pricing model that fixes the problem with standard bulk discounts and delivers the best price on your ecommerce supplies.

Better than Bulk Discounts

With Accumulator Saver you save on every item in your order, unlike bulk discounts where you get a discounted price on the item you buy a lot of and poor pricing on everything else. Accumulator Saver counts every item in your basket towards the box rate you pay for all items.

Box rates – Savings from just 2 items

There are 7 box rates each lower than the next – 2+, 5+, 10+, 20+, 40+, 100+ and 200+ items.

As you build your order, we always make sure you are aware of the box rate you are at and how many more items you need to reach the next level of saving. In many cases, adding 1 or 2 more items to reach the next box rate can save you far more than those items cost. There are two examples of this at the bottom of this page that have to be seen to be believed.

Build and Plan Your Orders - Save Money and the Environment

Because Accumulator Saver rewards larger orders with outstanding savings, it encourages you to plan your orders in advance so you can get the best-price on all of your supplies by placing larger orders of multiple products.

This has a positive impact on the environment because every delivery has a carbon footprint. Larger orders mean less frequent deliveries so by rewarding your larger orders with big discounts Accumulator Saver helps you, and us, cut down on the total number of deliveries we send a year dramatically reducing our impact on the environment.

It also helps you cut down on delivery costs and incidentally all Interlink Express (our most-used courier) despatches are now carbon neutral because of their Total Zero carbon offsetting program - nifty!

See What You Can Save

Accumulator Saver saves our customers hundreds of thousands of pounds every year and you can give it a try yourself without buying a single thing. Simply add some items to your basket now and you’ll see how the savings increase as your order quantity grows.

Savings Example – The 40+ Box Rate

This order has so far achieved the 39+ box rate and is already saving £248.10.

Look what happens when we add 1 box of Single ‘A’ Integrated Labels that costs £15 at the current box rate.

As you can see, the savings increase by £22.05. It’s more than the box of integrated labels we added costs!

Savings Example – The 200+ Box Rate

Remember, as the number of items in your order increases and you reach the next box rate reduction, the savings grow. Here’s an example of the huge savings before and after the 200+ box rate.


At the 100+ box rate the savings are already impressive at £1,139.30. Now see the savings grow as another box is added.


One extra box takes our order to 200 boxes and the savings grow by a staggering £132.50 to £1,271.35. Even though the item we added costs less than £25.

Priory Direct Accumulator Saver
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