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How To Reduce Packaging Waste

By Lauren Churcher  |  25 March 2020  |   4 minute read.
Eco Friendly

Every business has a responsibility to more effectively and successfully manage their impact on the environment; the demand to reduce, reuse, and recycle couldn’t be higher. We recognise that we’re in an extremely influential position as a supplier of business essentials, as our environmental actions have a knock-on effect not only to our customers, but our customers’ customers as well. With a rubbish truck worth of waste being dumped in oceans every minute, reducing your business’ packaging waste is absolutely pivotal for the planet’s survival, and it couldn’t be more apparent that the time to take action is now.

We’ve put together our top tips to help you minimise your packaging waste, and even save you money and increase your despatch efficiency along the way.

Variable Depth Boxes

If you’re frequently sending goods in multiple sizes, eliminate the need to buy every size of cardboard box, copious amounts of void fill, and even packing tape, with variable depth boxes. These ingenious and innovative boxes have a pop-up assembly, allow you to adjust the depth of the box with the pre-folded creases to perfectly and snuggly fit your product, and include peel and seal adhesive strips which give a secure and reliable closure – saving you time, money, and the planet, all in one box. These variable depth boxes are made from recycled and sustainably sourced FSC approved materials, and are recyclable and biodegradable; the ultimate in eco-friendly packing boxes.

Gummed Paper Tape

If you need to use packing tape, we can’t recommend gummed paper tape enough. Not only is gummed paper tape much more secure than regular polypropylene packing tape, it’s significantly better for the environment too; made from paper, biodegradable and recyclable, there’s no need to separate the paper tape from packing boxes as you, or your customer, can easily recycle the whole lot. Paper packing tape is supplied on longer rolls than standard packing tape, and for maximum efficiency and minimum waste, use in conjunction with Gummed Tape Dispensers and Automatic Measuring Devices to get the exact length of tape for your box.

Integrated Labels

Take a zero-waste approach to labelling your consignments with the use of Integrated Labels. Combining both your despatch note and your customer address label on one page allows you to use the entire sheet of paper and print just one document per order – eliminating unnecessary paper and saving you time. With no need for document enclosed wallets, not only do integrated labels offer you a waste-free solution for labelling your goods, they also boast some pretty impressive eco-credentials. Recyclable and made from PEFC approved materials, these labels help you reduce waste and your impact on the environment.

Cardboard Shredders

Start recycling right in your warehouse and turn your cardboard waste into protective packaging material treasure. Rather than throwing your old cardboard packaging away, try using Cardboard Shredders to revolutionise your business’ packing operation. Cardboard shredders offer you free, environmentally friendly cardboard bulk void fill and protective matting material which you can use for your despatches instead of plastic bubble wrap; reducing your packaging costs, your volume of disposal, and your impact on the environment – win win!

Packing Peanuts

If cardboard shredders aren’t a viable solution for your business but you still need eco-friendly void fill, starch-based packing peanuts are for you. On the surface, these starch packing peanuts are no different to the more common polystyrene version, but not only are significantly better for the environment, but are proven to give a better level of protection than regular polystyrene packing peanuts; shock and impact proof, compressing softly around goods to create a protective barrier. Ultra-lightweight to not add to your overall package weight and postage costs, starch-based packing peanuts are sustainable, reusable, biodegradable, and even compostable.

Ask the experts

By working together to reduce packaging waste and increase the use of eco-friendly products by educating business owners, we’re paving the way to a greener future for us all. We hope this has given you all the information you could need to know about reducing your packaging waste, and probably a little bit more too. We pride ourselves on our service and sharing our knowledge wherever possible, so if you have any questions then please speak to us on live chat, give us a call on 01622 580100, or use our Contact page.

eCommerce operations are our speciality and we can advise on all aspects of despatch to assist you in perfecting your process, so please get in touch – we’ll be happy to help.

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