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Eco-Friendly Book Wraps – Priory Elements EcoWraps ™ – 251 x 163 x 70mm - Puffin - 40 Wraps

Product Ref: LWBKWC2

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Our Priory Elements EcoWraps are an excellent eco-friendly, efficient and cost-effective packaging solution ideally suited to packing a wide range of products from books and games, to photo frames. Measuring 251 x 163mm these cardboard wraps have an adjustable depth up to 70mm which creates a snug fit for your products, ensuring ultimate protection whilst eliminating the need for extra packing materials. The innovative design of our Priory Elements EcoWraps ensures that they are super quick and easy to pack – saving you considerable time during your packing process. Simply place your items on to the flat wrap and adjust the flaps for a snug fit, fold the rest of the mailer to wrap around your goods and then seal with the plastic free peel and seal adhesive strip. This wraparound design offers ultimate protection during transit whilst guaranteeing a fast and efficient pack and despatch operation. Boasting a huge range of eco-credentials, our EcoWraps are fully recyclable, plastic free, biodegradable and made from sustainably sourced materials to help your despatch operation be as environmentally friendly as possible. In order to convey your eco message and help highlight the importance of sustainable packaging, we have printed our EcoWraps with easy to understand eco-markers and assigned each wrap an endangered animal, in this case, a Puffin. Not only do our animals act as a handy size guide, they also convey our commitment – and yours – to protecting our planet and reducing our impact on the environment. Use our Priory Elements EcoWrap in your operation to tell your eco story and demonstrate your effort towards a creating a greener future.


Product Ref: LWBKWC2

Internal Dimensions


External Dimensions


Key Specifications

Postal Size:Large Letter
Easy Open: Yes
Easy Seal:Yes

Delivery Information

Bundle Length:130mm
Bundle Width:530mm
Bundle Height:150mm
Bundle Weight:1360g

Pallet Information

Quantity Per Pallet:96 Bundles(3840 Wraps)
No. of Items Price Per bundle
(40 Wraps)
Savings Rate (%)
1+ Rate £22.98 0%
2+ Rate £20.78 10%
5+ Rate £18.98 17%
10+ Rate £17.48 24%
20+ Rate £16.28 29%
40+ Rate £15.48 33%
100+ Rate £14.69 36%
200+ Rate £13.59 41%

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