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Double Bubble Lined Bags

Double Bubble Lined Bags™ offer you the super strength reinforced paper of our ‘Plus’ range with double the bubbles! These padded envelopes have two layers of bubble wrap lining providing extra cushioning for heavier or more fragile items. We use co-extruded bubble wrap which is manufactured in a way that seals every bubble individually to keep air in and provide reliable, long-lasting cushioning performance.

Double-lined padded envelopes are a lightweight, economical packaging solution that provides extra protection while keeping postage costs low.

Our Double Bubble Lined Bags™ come in a range of convenient sizes. These durable double-lined envelopes are lined with a high glide coating for easy packing, are resistant to tearing or puncture in transit, and present a neat, professional image to your customers.

The paper used in manufacturing this product is eco friendly and from FSC approved sources.

If you use extra padded bubble envelopes from brands like Mail Lite, Rajabul, Jiffy, Arofol, Mailmiser and Featherpost, you could get consistently high quality, fast delivery and lower prices if you switch to our Double Bubble Lined Bags™. Our size conversion charts help you compare like-for-like sizes to see how much you could save.

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Product Order Ref. Internal & External
Box Qty
Size 0 BLB DBL0 215mm x 150mm
225mm x 170mm
50 £8.05 £7.70 £7.40 £6.85 £6.65 £6.40 £6.20 £6.00
Size 1 BLB DBL1 265mm x 180mm
275mm x 200mm
50 £10.55 £10.15 £9.75 £9.05 £8.70 £8.40 £8.15 £7.90
Size 2 BLB DBL2 265mm x 220mm
275mm x 240mm
50 £12.85 £12.30 £11.80 £10.95 £10.55 £10.20 £9.90 £9.55
Size 4 BLB DBL4 330mm x 225mm
350mm x 250mm
50 £17.00 £16.30 £15.65 £14.50 £14.00 £13.55 £13.10 £12.65
Size 5 BLB DBL5 360mm x 270mm
370mm x 290mm
50 £21.00 £20.10 £19.35 £17.90 £17.30 £16.70 £16.15 £15.65
Size 7 BLB DBL7 470mm x 350mm
480mm x 370mm
25 £17.35 £16.65 £16.00 £14.80 £14.30 £13.80 £13.35 £12.95
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