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Brown Cardboard Envelopes

Brown Cardboard Envelopes are a true classic in eCommerce despatch - a strong, low-cost, eco-friendly option for sending flat documents or thin products. We’re confident you’ll find an envelope for your needs within our range of brown cardboard envelopes; ColomPac MailJackets, which are lightweight low-cost Amazon style mailers, and the most robust cardboard envelopes on the market; rigid envelopes from ColomPac®. Both brown board envelope styles are made from a robust brown cardboard which gives an excellent level of protection, and include peel and seal adhesive strips to make packing as fast as possible. Whichever style of brown cardboard envelope you choose, we guarantee it’ll be as eco-friendly as possible as all of our range is recyclable, made from recycled and sustainable materials, and is biodegradable. Supplied in boxes for easy handling.

Custom Cardboard Envelopes
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