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"Protecting threatened rainforests and saving endangered wildlife"

We're very proud to be a Conservation Circle partner of Rainforest Trust UK, helping to provide crucial protection to threatened rainforests around the world. In the fight against climate change, we know that trees and rainforests are one of our greatest allies; providing a home to countless species, and regulating our weather patterns, and they can safely store hundreds of tonnes of carbon - except around 50 football pitches of tropical rainforest are destroyed every single minute.

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Thanks to donating your free gift, we have protected

4,937,000 m²

of rainforest so far,

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About Rainforest Trust UK

"Saving endangered wildlife through partnerships and community engagement."

Rainforest Trust is a British charity working in partnership with Rainforest Trust in the U.S. to protect the world's most threatened rainforests and other tropical ecosystems. They have already placed over 25 million acres under permanent protection, and their vital work protects endangered species, safeguards indigenous communities and combats climate change.

What work do Rainforest Trust UK do?

Rainforest Trust UK purchases and protects the most threatened tropical forests, saving endangered wildlife through partnerships and community engagement.

  • Partner with Committed Conservationists

    Rainforest Trust establish strategic partnerships with the world's most experienced and committed conservationists. Rainforest Trust's partners' intimate knowledge of their regions' ecosystems and local communities is key to achieving long-term land an species protection.

  • Identify Critical Sites

    Rainforest Trust work with their partners to identify critical sites that provide a permanent refuge for endangered species. These biodiverse areas face immediate and direct threats, typically from loggers, miners or ranchers.

  • Develop Resilient Plans

    Protection requires swift action, and so Rainforest Trust work with their partners to develop scientifically based conservation plans that are not only timely, but also resilient and sustainable. This is where we come in - as with detailed plans in place, Rainforest Trust need to raise the funds necessary to implement them.

  • Work with Communities

    This allows Rainforest Trust partners to work closely with their national governments and local communities to formally establish reserves protecting the land.

How your donation helps Rainforest Trust UK

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Rainforest Trust UK will use your donation to support wherever the most urgent need is in the world through the Conservation Action Fund which has a simple, but completely critical mission - 'Save Rainforests. Save Species. Save the Planet.'

Deforestation releases as much carbon as the entire global transportation sector each year, so protecting rainforests themselves, as well as the species that rely on them to survive, is essential for the future of us all.