We're incredibly proud to be ColomPac's leading service partner in the UK

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ColomPac® packaging is renowned for the innovative, efficiency-focused, premium quality packing solutions which are used by thousands of eCommerce businesses and despatch operations. We believe in, and wholeheartedly recommend, ColomPac products; from their obsession over simple product design features to their outstanding, consistent, production standards.

As the UK's leading ColomPac® service partner, we offer fantastic value, mix and match bulk savings, and same day despatch before 5pm on a full range of ColomPac® products. We also arrange custom import and distribution schedules to large fulfilment houses and businesses, as well as manufacturing bespoke ColomPac products to suit unique business needs.

Same day despatch before 5pm on a full range of colompac® products

ColomPac have worked for decades to carefully design and produce the perfect packaging for every need imaginable; from pop-up packing boxes, to courier-insured wine bottle boxes, to anti-roll square postal tubes, and the most robust cardboard envelope on the market, ColomPac have an ingenious solution.

CP 010 Rigid Envelopes

Offer the ultimate level of protection to your items and ensure they arrive in perfect condition. Shop Now ColomPac CP010 Product Image

CP 011 CD Envelopes

Solid board envelopes with all-round reinforced edges and designed for sending CDs. Shop Now ColomPac CP011 Product Image

CP 015 Landscape Board Envelopes

Offer excellent protection and fast to pack with their long-edge opening. Shop Now ColomPac CP015 Product Image

CP 020 Book Wraps

The perfect choice for fast despatches; cost-effective, easy to pack, and provide reliable protection to items Shop Now ColomPac CP020 Product Image

CP 030 Extra Strong Book Wraps

Extra strong and robust wrap-around mailers; perfect for secure bulk despatches of vinyl records. Shop Now ColomPac CP030 Product Image

CP 035 Reinforced Book Wraps

Robust, reinforced wrap-around protection for a large variety of heavy or fragile items. Shop Now ColomPac CP035 Product Image

CP 036 Calendar Mailers

Specifically designed for easy, secure, and economical mailing of calendars. Shop Now ColomPac CP036 Product Image

CP 037 Flexible Mailers

Fast and easy to use, provide reliable protection to products during transit to keep them in perfect condition Shop Now ColomPac CP037 Product Image

CP 042 CD Mailers

Designed for easy, robust, and secure despatches for CDs with accompanying letter or brochure. Shop Now ColomPac CP042 Product Image

CP 050/055 Ring Binder Mailers

With pre-creased grooves for a snug and secure fit around ring binders and lever arch files. Shop Now ColomPac CP050 Product Image

CP 065 Courier Packs

Slim-line, lightweight, and extremely protective cardboard mailing packs designed to minimise your postal costs. Shop Now ColomPac CP065 Product Image

CP 068 Postal Gift Boxes

Create instantly wrapped gifts with decorative, high-quality postal boxes printed with a red ribbon and bow. Shop Now ColomPac CP068 Product Image

CP 069 Return Boxes

Perfect solution for professional despatch and returns with an integrated dual seal for a hassle-free process. Shop Now ColomPac CP069 Product Image

CP 070 Trapezium Postal Tubes

Stackable and anti-roll tubes which provide maximum strength through unique shape and design. Shop Now ColomPac CP070 Product Image

CP 072 Square Postal Tubes

Fast to assemble, easy to stack and handle postal tubes for quick, easy, and low-cost despatch. Shop Now ColomPac CP072 Product Image

CP 080 Modular Postal Boxes

Optimised in size for low postage costs, easy stacking and storage, and reduce your despatch volumes. Shop Now ColomPac CP080 Product Image

CP 141 Variable Depth Boxes

Pack more orders without needing different packaging with these versatile, fast to pack adjustable depth boxes. Shop Now ColomPac CP141 Product Image

CP 151 Instant Bottom Boxes

Super quick and efficient packing with pop-up boxes, specifically designed to save you time with your despatches Shop Now ColomPac CP151 Product Image

CP 154 Euroboxes

Can be stacked and combined to exactly fit euro pallets and despatch cages, reducing your despatch volume and packing space requirements. Shop Now ColomPac CP154 Product Image

CP 181 Bottle Boxes

Confidently send bottles of wine with guaranteed safe delivery, certified by DHL. Shop Now ColomPac CP181 Product Image