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Recyclable Packaging

If you want eco-friendly packaging that’s guaranteed to go down well with your customers and don’t know what’s best or where to start, look no further than recyclable packaging. Paper and cardboard based solutions are widely recognised by consumers as recyclable, and all councils accept these materials in recycling collections so it’s a sure fire way of ensuring your packaging has minimal environmental impact. Polythene and other plastic packaging gets a bad name, but is also recyclable, and can be dropped at some supermarkets or recycling centres.  Make sure you communicate this to your customers though, as if they don’t know, your packaging most likely won’t end up in the correct place. If you’re struggling to narrow down your options, we’ve put together our recyclable packaging top 5 simple sustainable swaps to get you started.

For more information on how and where to recycle your packaging, try our Recycling Locator - select the packaging material from the list, and enter your postcode to find your closest recycling facility.

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