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Frequently Asked Questions

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Product Information

Can the sheets be inkjet and laser printed?

Yes, the sheets & integrated labels are guaranteed laser and inkjet compatible.

Do you have recommendations for handling/storing your integrated labels?

Yes, we have handling instructions which are sent out with every order. You can view them here.

Are the stock products available with labels in different positions?

The short answer is no but we monitor such requests and will offer popularly requested formats as stock items if it becomes commercially viable to do so. Please note that all plain sheets can be rotated 180 degrees before laser or inkjet printing if the label is needed the opposite end. Please also note that minor positional differences can often be dealt with by simply tweaking the margins in 'page setup'.

Can the sheets be supplied with label(s) in different size(s) or position(s)?

Yes they can – within reason labels of almost any size or combination can be accommodated within a given document. Such requirements would need to be produced as bespoke orders and costed accordingly. For plain products we may on occasions take the decision to make a new requirement into a stock item if demand justifies it.

Can the sheets be pre-printed with our corporate details?

Yes, as a bespoke production the sheets can be printed to both front and reverse in up to eight colours in any combination. Please note that although it is possible to pre-print the reverse of the self-adhesive patch this is best avoided as it necessitates pre-printing of the label patches prior to application to sheets.

Can you preprint a PPI (Postage Paid Impression)?

Yes we can but it is usually possible to incorporate this in the document template so that it is printed with the variable data. The Royal Mail website has some useful information on this here.

Can you supply Integrated Label Sheets made with Recycled Paper?

Yes we can, but we do not currently make any of our stock products using recycled paper – the main reason simply being cost. However, it should be noted that all papers used come from FSC approved (sustainable) sources.

Are different adhesives available?

All stock products are produced using our high tack adhesive which will adhere permanently to most surfaces. Users can request a special freezer grade adhesive for bespoke orders where the surfaces or conditions involved require it.

Ordering & Payment Methods

How can I easily find the product I use when reordering?

All products now have a five digit ‘quick find’ code. Enter this into the search box top right of the home page and it will take you straight to the product.

Do you provide samples of your products?

Yes, we provide samples for most of our product range. Samples can be ordered, free of charge, through the website - just go to the relevant product pages and click the ‘Order your FREE sample’ button.

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept online payments via SagePay and Paypal. Please contact us if you wish to pay using another method.

I have seen references to ‘Accumulator Saver’. What is it all about?

Put simply, our ‘Accumulator Saver’ means that as soon as you buy more than one product you will start to save more money. For example, if you buy 1 box of an Integrated Label product and 1 box of a Bubble Lined Bag product, you will be given the lower 2+ price for both. A full explanation can be found here.

Is it possible to open a credit account?

Yes it is but we only offer this facility for regular orders of greater than £500 + VAT. Click here for an account application form. Once a credit account has been approved you will be able to order online in the usual manner but select ‘credit account’ as your payment method. Please note that credit facilities will be withdrawn if terms are not strictly adhered to.

Is it possible to set up a ‘standing order’ for regular deliveries?

Yes, indeed, and we will often be able to give a small discount.

I have an EU VAT registered business, do I have to pay UK VAT on my order?

No you don't – during the checkout process you will be asked for a VAT registration number which, once successfully validated, will remove VAT from all transactions on your account.

Despatch and Delivery

How are goods despatched?

Samples are sent by First Class post. Test\Value Packs are usually sent by First Class Recorded post. Boxes are sent on a next day consigned service using UK Mail or Interlink Express (Monday to Friday only, Saturday delivery available at extra cost). Larger consignments (usually 20+ boxes of Integrated Labels) are sent on a next day Pallet Service using Palletways or Express European.

Where do you deliver to?

Although the majority of our customers are based in the UK, the Repubic of Ireland and, increasingly, mainland Europe, we can deliver worldwide.

I am not in mainland UK, how much will delivery cost?

Once your basket is complete and we know where we’re delivering your order to, you will be able to see exactly how much delivery will cost.

Does your pallet service offer a tail-lift or handballing service?

If you are a UK mainland customer and require the delivery vehicle to have a tail-lift or for the goods to be handballed, please mention this in the 'Notes' section of your order. If you are an overseas customer, these facilities may be available, but please check with us first.

Can you deliver to non-ground floors?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee delivery to non-ground floors as this is at the discretion of the delivery driver concerned.

Can I specify where goods are left if there is no one in?

Yes - and we will pass your instructions on to the courier. Please note, however, that if you request such a delivery then you are taking responsibility for the goods should they go astray after delivery.

Why do you charge for delivery?

There is no such thing as ‘free delivery’ – retailers which offer this are really just hiding the delivery charge within their product prices. We offer a more transparent approach – by offering the best product prices we can and simply charging delivery at cost. If you find you are tempted to order from a retailer offering free delivery, then we urge you to check the total cost of each basket – you will usually find that you are paying more in total just to get free delivery. If you are ordering very large quantities (3+ pallets), then please do contact us because, in some circumstances, we can negotiate better rates with one of our pallet carriers.

Direct Reward Points

What are Direct Reward Points?

It’s all very simple really - every time you shop with Priory Direct we reward you with Direct Reward Points which are redeemable for discounts against future orders.

Direct Reward Points are automatically added to your online account every time you shop with Priory Direct or use your unique referral code to recommend someone to Priory Direct. These points can be exchanged online at any time and allow you to get even more money off your Priory Direct purchases.

There are two ways to earn Direct Reward Points:
1. Direct Reward Loyalty Points – you earn points every time you spend with Priory Direct.
2. Direct Reward Referral Points – you earn points every time you recommend a new customer to Priory Direct using your unique Direct Rewards Referral Code. You will earn 5 points for every pound that the referred customer spends. The referred customer will receive a 5% discount. You must make sure that referred customers input your Referral Code when they REGISTER in order to earn your Referral Points.

How do I spend my Direct Reward Points?

You can spend your Direct Reward Points at any time for any purchase from our website.
To check your current points total, simply:
1. Log in to your account.
2. Click on “My Account” at the top right of the screen.
3. Then select the “Direct Reward Points” tab.
This will display a full breakdown of how you have earned your points, as well as your current total points available to spend.
To redeem the points, simply click on the Redeem ALL Points now button at the Checkout.

How do I earn Direct Reward Loyalty Points?

For every £1 you spend with Priory Direct, you earn 1 PD Reward Point. Each point is worth a penny, so if you spend £100 on your order, you would earn 100 points which converts to £1 off a future purchase. The points really do add up - we know because we see how much customers save when they spend them! Watch out for special Direct Reward Points promotions from time to time for the chance to earn extra points.

How do I earn Direct Reward Referral Points?

For every new customer you recommend to Priory Direct, you earn Double Direct Reward Points for every pound they spend on their first order. For example, if you recommend a friend who spends £50 on their first order, we’ll give you a massive 250 points! The more people you recommend to PD, the more your points will rack up, meaning more savings for you.

In order for us to track who you recommend, it is essential that you insist they input your unique Referral code when they register. If they do this, they’ll also receive a 5% discount off their first order, so it’s a win-win!

To help you easily recommend Priory Direct to friends and family, you can send an email from within your account which will include your unique Referral Code. To do this, simply log in to your account by clicking on My Account in the top right of the screen. Select the “Direct Rewards” tab and at the bottom you will find a short form to complete.

Direct Rewards Terms & Conditions

  • Your points never expire, so you can redeem them whenever you like.
  • There is no limit, the more you spend and recommend, the more you collect.
  • Vouchers must be used at checkout only and cannot be used retrospectively or on phone or postal orders.
  • You cannot recommend someone living in the same household unfortunately.
  • Only one account can be created per customer and any abuse of this is strictly against Direct Rewards rules.
  • We have sophisticated customer tracking software and any fraudulent use of the programme will result in deletion of all related accounts and removal of all points.
  • We have the right to remove any points or vouchers at any time.

For any further information on Direct Reward Points, please contact our Customer Service Team.

Printing & Handling

Is there a best way to feed the sheets into a laser printer?

Yes there is – ideally the sheets should always be picked up by the printer paper end first – this is simply because most laser and inkjet printers use a ‘scuff paddle’ to push the top sheet off the stack and into the feed rollers which send it on its way. If these paddles are trying to scuff against the label backing patch then their chances of consistent success are greatly reduced. Most printers have a simple ‘firmware switch’ to flip the output by 180 degrees – you can view some examples here.

Is there a way to prevent the sheets catching each other in the printer output tray?

Yes, by far the best way is to ensure that the sheets are picked up by the printer paper end first – this way the label backer patches cannot snag the edge of the next sheet as it comes out of the printer. See the question above on the best way to feed the sheets.

When printing from Internet Explorer, the output does not line up perfectly. Is there anything I can do?

Firstly, a lot of people do not realize that you have page setup control for print purposes in Internet Explorer ? click here. Make sure the size is set to A4 and then try adjusting the margins to move the output up down, left & right within the A4 page ‘frame’. Also, please make sure that the printer you are using is set to the correct paper size (A4 and NOT US Letter) and that any page scaling (‘fit to paper’) is turned off.

Do you recommend any particular laser printers?

Yes, our experiences show that the make and model of printer can make a significant difference. The two brands we currently recommend are Lexmark and HP.
- Lexmark are extremely versatile for ALL integrated products, with models to suit most budgets and duty cycles.
- HP have well proven paper handling characteristics, an important factor when using integrated label sheets. The HP 2050 and HP 4014 are recommended.


Are software templates available for the sheets?

Yes click here. If for any reason you cannot find what you need, please do not hesitate to contact us. A number of templates are also available for other software/shopping cart systems – just email us what you need and we will do our very best to help. Please note that we very much welcome users sharing their templates with us to help others – all suggestions and donations gratefully received!

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