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Cellophane Wrap Rolls

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Cellophane wrap is perfect for decorative wrapping - providing a quick, easy and effective way to inject colour into your packing and despatches. Our plastic gift wrap cellophane rolls are easy to wrap around gifts, baskets, parcels or flowers, providing protection to breakable or delicate products whilst making for professional, high-end feeling presentation. We offer both tinted and frosted rolls in 19 colours on 80m and 100m rolls for reduced downtime.

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Order Ref. Cellophane Type Colour Dimensions Thickness
Clear Cellophane - 800mm x 100m

CLRCL800More InformationMore information
Transparent Clear 800mmx 100m 40mu
Frosted Uncoloured Cellophane Rolls - 800mm x 80m

PLNC800More InformationMore information
Frosted Clear 800mmx 80m 35mu
Frosted White Cellophane Rolls - 800mm x 80m

WHTC800More InformationMore information
Frosted White 800mmx 80m 35mu
Frosted Red Cellophane Rolls - 800mm x 80m

REDC800More InformationMore information
Frosted Red 800mmx 80m 35mu
Red Cellophane - 800mm x 100m

REDCL800More InformationMore information
Tinted Red 800mmx 100m 40mu
Frosted Pink Cellophane Rolls - 800mm x 80m

PINC800More InformationMore information
Frosted Pink 800mmx 80m 35mu
Pink Cellophane - 800mm x 100m

PINCL800More InformationMore information
Tinted Pink 800mmx 100m 40mu
Frosted Purple Cellophane Rolls - 800mm x 80m

PURC800More InformationMore information
Frosted Purple 800mmx 80m 35mu
Purple Cellophane - 800mm x 100m

PURCL800More InformationMore information
Tinted Purple 800mmx 100m 40mu
Frosted Lime Green Cellophane Rolls - 800mm x 80m

LGNC800More InformationMore information
Frosted Lime Green 800mmx 80m 35mu
Frosted Lilac Cellophane Rolls - 800mm x 80m

LILC800More InformationMore information
Frosted Lilac 800mmx 80m 35mu
Frosted Black Cellophane Rolls - 800mm x 80m

BLKC800More InformationMore information
Frosted Black 800mmx 80m 35mu
Black Cellophane - 800mm x 100m

BLKCL800More InformationMore information
Tinted Black 800mmx 100m 40mu
Frosted Cerise Cellophane Rolls - 800mm x 80m

CERC800More InformationMore information
Frosted Cerise 800mmx 80m 35mu
Cerise Cellophane - 800mm x 100m

CERCL800More InformationMore information
Tinted Cerise 800mmx 100m 40mu
Lime Green Cellophane - 800mm x 100m

LGNCL800More InformationMore information
Tinted Lime Green 800mmx 100m 40mu
Dark Green Cellophane - 800mm x 100m

DGNCL800More InformationMore information
Tinted Dark Green 800mmx 100m 40mu
Frosted Gold Cellophane Rolls - 800mm x 60m

GLDC800More InformationMore information
Frosted Gold 800mmx 60m 35mu
Lemon Yellow Cellophane - 800mm x 100m

LEMCL800More InformationMore information
Tinted Yellow 800mmx 100m 40mu
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