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How To Align Addresses With Integrated Labels

Using integrated labels in your despatch operation is a fantastic way to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer retention. An essential step is to ensure the addresses on your despatch notes line up with the label area in your chosen integrated label sheets. It’s simple to do, just follow the instructions in this guide and your addresses will line up every time.

We’ll cover the most common reasons the address element of your despatch note misses the integrated label when printing. 

  1. Check you have the right Integrated Labels
  2. Check the paper size and type your printer is using
  3. Check page scaling is off
  4. Adjust your margins
  5. Aligning labels when printing multiple sheets

Step 1: Check You Have The Right Integrated Labels

Our post ‘How to find the right integrated label for you’ will show you how to determine the best integrated labels to use for your output. 

We stock over 40 integrated labels to suit all major ecommerce platforms and software so we’re confident we will have the right one for you.

Step 2: Check The Paper Size & Type Your Printer Is Using

Check your paper size settings and make sure they are configured to the correct size. Quite often we find customers with American printer settings or browsers trying to print on US letter or custom paper sizes which prevents good alignment on A4 sheets!

It’s also important to ensure that your printer paper type is set to labels or card for best printing and handling results.

Step 3: Check Paper Scaling Is Off

When you print from your browser it tries to convert the webpage it sees into a printable A4 sheet – this is called page scaling. 

The common platforms and marketplaces that allow you to print integrated labels from your browser have already formatted them to be printer friendly, so there is no need for ‘fit to page’ or ‘page scaling’ printing options to be on. 

Making sure page scaling is turned off is important for getting consistent results and good address label alignment.

Step 4: Adjust Your Margins

Printer margins allow you to tweak the size and location of the printable area on whatever you are printing. They are typically used to keep documents presentable and make good use of space, but with integrated labels address label alignment, they’re the best tool in your toolbox. 

By increasing or reducing the printer margin settings you use to print your integrated label sheets you can effectively adjust the address labels position on your output, ensuring they line up perfectly with your integrated label sheet’s label area.

Adjusting the header and footer margins changes the vertical of your label area on the sheet.

Header & Footer

Adjusting the left and right margins changes the left and right position of the label area on the sheet.

You can adjust your printer margins in your printer preferences (usually in the layout tab) or if you’re printing from the internet from within your browser settings – both Chrome and Firefox have this ability and a helpful preview so you can see what effect your changes have made to the output.

Adjusting your margins is a trial and error process so we recommend having a few sheets ready for testing but once you’ve got it perfect and have these settings saved your address labels will line up perfectly every time.

Still Having Trouble?

For 90% of people our integrated labels line up pretty well straight out of the box and the above is all the advice needed to perfect the address label alignment – so we hope you’re ready to stop reading now and head off to despatch lots of orders accurately and quickly!
However there is one issue we hear about a lot so if you’re experiencing alignment problems when printing multiple sheets – please read on.

Aligning Labels When Printing Multiple Sheets

To fix this you need to tweak your margins further to ensure that 1 full sheet is making it onto each printed integrated label sheet – here’s how you tell what fix is needed:

Addresses too high later in the run – more than one layout is printing on each sheet so you need to reduce the printable area on the page by increasing the margins.

Address too High
Address too Low

Addresses too low later in the run – less than one layout is printing on each sheet so you need to increase the printable area on the page by reducing the margins.

It’s as simple as that! As with all margin adjustment and alignment exercises it’s a game of patience, trial and error so stick with it and remember to save your settings once you’ve found the perfect ones so you never have to do it again!

Ask The Experts

We hope that this guide has answered any questions you may have had about lining your addresses up with your integrated labels address label area. eCommerce despatch operations are our speciality so if you have any unanswered questions or require further assistance then please get in touch – we’ll be more than happy to help.