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How To Choose The Right Book Wraps

Book wraps are an exceptionally popular packaging solution amongst eCommerce sellers; combining fast packing with excellent protection and minimal postal charges, they’re a firm favourite. As they can be used for sending far more than just what the name suggests, and with so many options available on the market, knowing which one is the best fit for your needs can be a daunting task…until now:

At a glance

ProductStrengthChoose WhenEco Score
EcoWraps1/5You want to give items low-cost, good protection for lighter-weight goods and make an eco statement with their clearly printed eco credentials.4/5
CP 020 Book Wraps2/5You want to give a range of products reliable protection in the post and make packing quicker and easier.5/5
CP 037 Flexible Mailers3/5Your items are slightly heavier and need a little more protection during transit. 5/5
CP 035 Reinforced Book Wraps4/5Your items are high value and need extra protection to ensure they arrive in absolutely perfect condition.5/5
CP 030 Extra Strong Book Wraps5/5You really need the bees knees of book wraps – all of the benefits of the CP 035 but with longer adhesive strips for wrap-around, super strong sealing.5/5

Priory Elements EcoWraps™

Low cost, lightweight, and super eco-friendly, the Priory Elements EcoWraps™ are perfect for those sending a range of non-fragile products. They make despatches quick and easy; adjusting to the depth of your product, creating a snug, secure fit around your items, and eliminating the need for any void fill or additional packaging material and the associated costs. Simple and effective, the EcoWraps™ are an excellent entry-level book wrap for your business which provide a good level of protection to items.

ColomPac Book Wraps

CP 020 Book Wraps

Made from corrugated cardboard to lend extra strength and rigidity to products in transit, CP 020 Book Wraps offer great, reliable protection to items in transit. ColomPac are a market leader in the packaging world meaning there’s a few hidden extras with these book wraps, including specially designed tabs which keeps flaps lifted to make packing quicker and easier, and have papercut free edges to ensure it’s pain-free too. If you’re looking for a little more protection and presentability for you products, the CP 020 is the perfect choice.

CP 037 Flexible Mailers

All of the benefits of the CP 020 book wrap, and a little bit more too. These mailers are packed centrally to give you a double cardboard layer of protection for your products once wrapped. There’s also two peel and seal adhesive strips so your goods are even more secure. These flexible mailers have a smooth white finish so they look the part as well as delivering perfectly on the protection aspect of the mailer whilst it’s at the hands of couriers. If you want to give your items excellent protection and don’t mind about slipping into the next band up of postal charges given their slightly weightier nature, then the CP 037 are for you.

CP037 Flexible Mailers
CP035 Reinforced Book Wraps

CP 035 Reinforced Book Wraps

Exceptionally strong with their double layer of corrugated cardboard and all-round reinforced edge and corners, the CP 035 reinforced book wraps are perfect for those sending heavy or precious items that need extremely good protection. Quick and easy to pack, wrapping snugly to your items and prevent rattling, these book wraps will guarantee your items arriving with your customer in pristine condition without a doubt.

CP 030 Extra Strong Book Wraps

As the name suggests, the CP 030 are the strongest book wrap on the market. Combining all of the excellent features of the CP 035, these book wraps go one further (and we didn’t think that was possible), and have longer peel and seal strips so you can wrap the adhesive around the ends of the book wrap for even better protection and reliability in transit. If you need the ultimate protection for heavy or delicate items, you won’t find anything better than these mailers. In the words of Tina Turner, they’re simply the best.


Ask the experts

So there you have it, the low-down on all of our book wraps. We pride ourselves on the service we offer to, and knowledge we share with ecommerce companies, so if you have any questions about which products are best for your business, please get in touch, we’ll be happy to help.