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How To Choose The Right Cardboard Box

We stock over 150 sizes and styles of high quality, great value cardboard boxes that are perfect for packing, shipping and storing items. Our range includes single and double wall boxes in standard tape-closed styles as well as a variety of peel and seal boxes for fast assembly and despatch.

With such a wide range, we realise that it can be difficult to decide which box would be best for you, so, we’ve written this guide to choosing a packing box for your business to help you choose the right solution from our cardboard box range.

Measuring Your Items

The first step to finding the right box is measuring your items. You will need to select a box which is slightly larger than all three dimensions to allow you to add protection by wrapping your products, it should be a snug fit to stop them moving around during transit.

Measure your item’s length, width and height using our box sizing guide to ensure your measurements match with your desired box dimensions.

Packing Box Dimensions Explained

Our box dimensions are the internal measurements given in the order Length x Width x Height which is the standard way packing boxes are measured in the packaging industry.

Length measurement of longest side of the box opening.
Width measurement of shortest side of the box opening.
Height measurement of box depth from the opening to the bottom.

At A Glance

Grade Strength Tape Free?Choose WhenEco Score
Single WallYou are sending goods under 10kg and need a low-cost solution.
Double WallYou need a stronger option that will securely hold heavy & fragile items.
BDCYou need a heavy-duty box that is designed for bulk distribution.
Instant Bottom BoxYou want to speed up your packing operation with an innovative box.
Return BoxesYou are sending goods that may need to be returned.
Variable DepthYou want flexible packaging that fits a wide range of items.
EuroboxesYou need stackable consignments that fit perfectly onto a pallet.
Bottle BoxesYou want to safely and securely send bottles of wine or spirits.
Printer BoxesYou need a robust, protective box for papers, documents and printed media.
Stationery BoxesYou need a lightweight, cost-effective solution for documents, papers and printed media.

Single Wall Packing Boxes

Single Wall Cardboard Boxes are ideal for despatch operations running on a tight budget – perfect if you’re sending items weighing up to 10kg. We’ve got over 40 sizes available in this range for you to choose from, suitable for a huge range of needs.

Single Wall Boxes
Double Wall Boxes

Double Wall Packing Boxes

Our Double Wall Cardboard Boxes have two layers of corrugated cardboard to give a load capacity of up to 25kg. These boxes are ideal if you’re sending heavy or fragile items that need a bit of extra strength and protection. With over 30 sizes to choose from, we’re confident we will find the right size for your needs.

BDC Boxes

BDC Cardboard Boxes are printed with reference panels so you can write product information on the box for easy identification. If you’re in the fashion retail industry, these superior strength BDC and BDCM heavy duty boxes are real essentials as they can hold a large amount of stock and can be easily transported by forklift – available in a range of popular sizes.

BDC Boxes

Instant Bottom Boxes

Instant Bottom Packing Boxes

ColomPac Pop-Up Cardboard Boxes have a crash lock design to pop into shape in an instant and are ready to pack with no need for adhesives or packing tape. These boxes are simple, fast, strong and secure cardboard boxes that are ready for despatch in moments. We’ve got 10 sizes available in both white and brown to suit all your needs. For more information about the instant bottom packing boxes, take a look at our demonstration video.

ColomPac Return Boxes

The ColomPac Return Boxes are the ultimate packaging choice for eCommerce operations; offering a seamless solution for a professional despatch and returns process all in one box. With all the benefits of the ColomPac Pop-Up Boxes, these return boxes feature an integrated dual seal so there is no need for tape or extra packing materials when sending items and vice versa when returning the box – available in a range of popular sizes, we’re confident we have a box to suit your needs.

ColomPac Return Boxes

Variable Depth Boxes

Variable Depth Packing Boxes

If you’re frequently sending consignments which vary in size, ColomPac Variable Depth Boxes are the perfect solution for you. Designed to be easily adjusted to fit snugly around your products, these boxes offer the flexibility to send a range of goods in just one stock box – eliminating the need for multiple size despatch boxes and the associated cost and storage space. With all the advantages of the ColomPac Pop-Up Boxes, these variable depth boxes are available in a range of sizes to suit all your requirements.


If you’re sending goods by pallet, ColomPac Euroboxes are designed to tessellate to stack exactly onto Euro Pallets and fit despatch cages, reducing your despatch volumes and increasing your despatch efficiency. As with other ColomPac boxes, these have the instant bottom pop up assembly for fast packing and peel and seal adhesive closures to provide secure protection for your goods in transit.
There’s a variety of sizes available in this range to suit all packing needs. For more information about Euroboxes and how to use them, take a look at our demonstration video.

ColomPac Euroboxes

ColomPac Bottle Boxes

Bottle Boxes

ColomPac® Bottle Boxes are the only bottle packaging to pass the DHL certification as a safe way to send 1, 3 or 6 wine bottles through the courier network. With these high-quality, well-engineered boxes, you can confidently send wine and spirit bottles without the fear of breakage in transit.
We stock individual boxes which can be used to send out a bottle at a time, or in conjunction with our outer for sending 3 or 6 bottles. For more information about these bottle boxes, check out our demonstration video.

ColomPac Printer Boxes

If you’re looking for a robust, protective packing box for paper and printed media, the ColomPac Printer Boxes are the ideal solution. Made from slim E-flute corrugated, these folding carton boxes are perfect for printers and those within the print industry for storing and sending documents, papers and leaflets – available in varying depths to cater for multiple reams.

ColomPac Printer Boxes

Stationary Boxes

Stationery Boxes

Stationery Boxes are a cost-effective solution for sending papers, documents and leaflets. Ideally suited to the print industry, these boxes are made from thin board to offer just the right amount of protection, and are lightweight enough to be packed into cardboard outers for efficient despatch and distribution. Available in 3 popular print sizes, our stationery boxes are a hassle-free innovative packaging choice for your print needs.

Ask The Experts

We hope the above advice gives you all the help you need to choose the right style of cardboard packing box for your needs. eCommerce despatch operations are our speciality so if you have any unanswered questions or require further assistance then please get in touch – we’ll be more than happy to help.