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How To Choose The Right Jiffy Bags

When it comes to postal packaging, you want a solution that is perfectly sized and will offer just the right amount of protection to your goods without inflating postal costs; that’s where Bubble Lined Bags come in. Ideal for adding protection to goods during transit, we have a wide range of cost-effective styles and sizes to suit your every need. And we’ve made it even easier for you to find the best option for your needs with this reference guide. Check out the key features of each range and find the perfect Bubble Lined Bag for your operation.

At A Glance

GradeStrengthChoose WhenEco Score
StandardYou want low-cost protection for a wide variety of goods.
Jiffy Superlite You want to securely send electrical components or jewellery.
Priory Elements Ecolopes
You need to send non-fragile goods in an eco-friendly way.
ColouredYou want your parcels to stand out from the rest.
Sealed Air Mail Lite
You need low-cost, high quality protection that can be easily recycled.
You want a postal packaging solution for heavier items that need a bit more protection.
You need lightweight yet robust, waterproof protection.
MetallicYou want eye-catching, virtually indestructible postal packaging.
Jiffy GreenYou want a fully compostable, extra strength packaging solution that ticks all the eco-boxes.
Priory Elements Eco Padded Envelopes
You need the ultimate eco-friendly packaging solution to help reduce plastic use within your operation.

Let’s dive in a little deeper so you have all the information you need to make the best choice for your needs.

Standard Bubble Lined Bags

Standard Bubble Lined Bags are a low-cost postal solution that are manufactured to market leading standards without the hefty price tag. Featuring a high-slip bubble wrap lining for fast and snag-free packing, and heat welded edges for burst resistant protection, these padded envelopes offer hassle-free all-round protection to your goods. Complete with a tamper-evident peel and seal adhesive strip for a secure closure, your items are kept safe and protected during transit, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition to your customer. Made from FSC approved sources and made 100% carbon neutrally, our Standard Bubble Lined Bags – available in white and gold – are the perfect addition to any pack and despatch operation.

Bubble Lined Bags
Jiffy Superlite

Jiffy Superlite Foam Lined Bags

Our Jiffy Superlite Foam Lined Bags are ideal if you are looking for a secure way to send jewellery or electronic components. The 1.5mm thick non-abrasive foam liner keeps your goods safe from scratches whilst the lightweight design keeps postal costs to an absolute minimum, ensuring your bottom line is taken care of. Featuring a 70gsm white kraft paper outer that offers robust protection, these bags have a tamper evident peel and seal adhesive strip for a secure closure without the need for extra adhesives; making them an economical, cost-effective way to mail your goods.

Priory Elements Ecolopes

Made entirely of paper and glue, our Priory Elements Ecolopes are a plastic free alternative to traditional plastic lined jiffy bags that are ideal for companies and operations who are working towards reducing their environmental impact. Featuring a corrugated inner, these envelopes offer just the right amount of protection to non-fragile goods and the lightweight construction helps keep postal costs low. Boasting a whole host of eco-credentials, our Ecolopes are the ultimate eco-friendly packaging choice for your non-delicate items.


Coloured Bubble Lined Bags

Coloured Padded Envelopes

Make your despatches stand out from the crowd with our Coloured Padded Envelopes. With all the qualities of our Standard range, these colourful padded envelopes are great for adding a pop of colour whilst still protecting your goods. Made from a strong 170gsm kraft paper outer these bubble envelopes offer all-round protection and are available in black and red, ensuring you keep your items safe whilst wow-ing your customers at delivery.

Sealed Air Mail Lite Bags

Ideal for keeping postal costs to a minimum whilst still providing reliable protection to your goods, the Sealed Air Mail Lite Bags are perfect for sending a wide range of goods. Lined with 60% recycled AirCap bubble material for superior protection and fast, snag-free packing, these bags feature a peel and seal adhesive strip to ensure a strong and secure closure. What makes these bags even better is the fact that the paper outer can easily be separated from the inner bubble bag, allowing you to reuse the bubble bag or recycle the whole product; making them a super eco-friendly option.

SealedAir MailLite

Plus Bubble Lined Bags

Plus Bubble Lined Bags™

Plus Bubble Lined Bags™ are made from a thicker, stronger oyster Kraft reinforced paper outer with the same high quality bubble interior as our standard bags. Plus bubble lined bags are your go-to padded envelope if you’re sending heavier items or need a bit more protection for your goods as they protect well against typical in-transit knocks and damage. Available in a range of popular sizes, our Plus bags are the ideal heavy-duty postal packaging solution.

Poly Bubble Lined Bags™

If you are looking for a lightweight option that offers unbeatable protection against tearing, bursting and water damage, then look no further than the Poly Bubble Lined Bags. Made with the same high slip, high quality bubble wrap interior as the Standard Bubble Lined Bags, our poly bags have the added bonus of being fully recyclable. The almost indestructible polyethylene outer ensures premium protection for your goods, whilst the peel and seal adhesive closure offers a secure, tamper-evident seal without the need for packing tape; making these bags the ideal postal solution for your more delicate goods.

Poly Bubble Lined Bags

Metallic Bubble Lined Bags

Metallic Bubble Lined Bags™

Our Metallic Bubble Lined Bags are an eye-catching postal packaging solution that are perfect for brand awareness and direct marketing campaigns. Featuring a glossy metallic finish that adds perceived value to your despatches, and a laminated aluminium outer that offers unrivalled protection to your goods; these padded envelopes are virtually indestructible, making them an ideal option for your more delicate goods. These bags have the same high-quality bubble wrap interior and peel and seal closure as our standard range, are fully recyclable and are available in black, hot pink and silver.

Jiffy Green Original Jiffy Bags®

The most eco-friendly Jiffy Bags on the market, the Jiffy Green Padded Bags are a sustainable packaging option that offers outstanding protection to your goods. Featuring an extra strength paper outer that provides puncture and burst resistance protection and a recycled paper fibre lining that offers excellent cushioning properties for your goods. Made from sustainably sourced materials, these bags are recyclable, biodegradable, plastic free and fully compostable; the perfect choice for the eco-conscious operation.

Jiffy Green Padded Bags


Priory Elements Eco Padded Envelopes™

Take a step closer to eradicating plastics from your postal operation with our Priory Elements Eco Padded Envelopes. Made entirely of paper and glue, our eco paper padded envelopes are made from recycled content, are biodegradable, 100% recyclable, compostable and plastic free; making them the ultimate eco-friendly postal packaging solution. The honeycomb effect inner material keeps goods safe during transit whilst the plastic free peel and seal strip provides a strong and secure closure; ensuring your goods arrive to your customer in perfect condition in a rustic, eco-friendly looking jiffy bag.

Ask The Experts

We hope the above advice gives you all the help you need to choose the right type of jiffy padded bag for your needs. eCommerce despatch operations are our speciality so if you have any unanswered questions or require further assistance then please get in touch – we’ll be more than happy to help.