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How To Choose The Right Postal Boxes

Postal boxes are designed to be quick and easy to assemble, fast to pack, and closely matched to the most popular postal sizes, making them a great packing box choice if you’re an ecommerce or despatch-based operation.

Ensuring the parcels you send fit as closely to the available postal sizes as possible can really help to reduce your postal costs. Our great value range of postal boxes are designed specifically for cost-effective posting and we’ve got 5 styles and over 40 sizes to choose from, so we’ve put together this guide to help you choose the right postal box for you.

At A Glance

Grade Postal Size Tape Free?Choose WhenEco Score
StandardLarge Letter & Small Parcel You need a cost-effective, lightweight postal packaging solution for a range of items.
Modular Postal BoxesSmall ParcelYou need a reliable, strong, space saving solution that keeps postal costs low.
Postal Gift BoxesSmall ParcelYou want a highly presentable, yet robust box to send gifts and other high-end goods.
Extra Secure Postal BoxesSmall Parcel & Medium ParcelYou want to securely send valuable, fragile items or electronics.
ColomPac Fashion BoxesSmall Parcel & Medium ParcelYou need attractive packaging for a range of goods that will wow your customer.

Standard Postal Boxes

Our pizza style Postal Boxes are a secure, cost effective way to send a wide range of items. Ideal for despatch operations running on a small budget, these low-cost mailing boxes are fast to assemble, have an integrated locking tab and are completed with packing tape for extra security. Supplied flat pack to save on storage space, all sizes of these postal boxes can be sent either Royal Mail Large Letter or Royal Mail Small Parcel to ensure you keep postal costs to an absolute minimum.

Our Standard Postal Box range also included our range of PIP Postal Boxes. The thinnest and most compact of all our ranges, these boxes allow you to send your small, lightweight boxes which comply with Large Letter sizing. Sturdy, protective and easy to assemble, we’ve got 5 sizes to choose from – look out for the PIP product code.

Standard Postal Boxes
ColomPac Modular Postal Boxes

ColomPac Modular Postal Boxes

These ColomPac® Module Boxes are designed to stack perfectly in all combinations to reduce despatch cubic volume and optimised to fit within the major postal sizes to reduce your postal costs. As with all ColomPac® products strong peel and seal closure, papercut free edges and an easy open tear strip come as standard making these boxes fast, safe and user friendly. To find out more and see them in use take a look at our CP080 Module Box demonstration video.

ColomPac Postal Gift Boxes

These decorative Postal Gift Boxes from ColomPac® are printed with a red ribbon on a clean white corrugated surface, making them look highly presentable and enabling you to send items in a gift-wrapped looking box with no additional packing time. 

As with all ColomPac® products they’re made from high quality corrugated cardboard with paper cut free edges, a strong peel and seal closure for fast packing and an easy open tear strip for your customer to open them with. To see them in action and find our more, take a look at our demonstration video.

ColomPac Postal Gift Boxes

ColomPac Extra Secure Postal Boxes

ColomPac Extra Secure Postal Boxes

If you’re sending valuable or fragile items, ColomPac® Extra Secure Postal Boxes provide the ultimate protection. These boxes are extra robust and secure with double folded extended edges for outstanding corner and side impact protection and double layered corrugated cardboard all round. 

The CP 066.02 and CP 066.04 are also compatible with the stretch film tray inserts for securing smartphones and tablets making them the best choice in our range for securely sending electronics. We’ve got 6 sizes available in this range and you can see them in action in our demonstration video here.

ColomPac Fashion Boxes

The ColomPac Fashion Boxes are ideal for creating highly presentable, attractive packaging that wows your customer before they even open the box. Don’t be fooled by the name, these postal boxes can cater for a whole host of goods – from books and merchandise to shoes and clothing. 

Manufactured from premium board to guarantee outstanding protection, these boxes feature paper cut free edges, a strong peel and seal closure for fast packing and an easy open tear strip; ensuring a stress free packing experience for you and a frustration free opening experience for your customer.

ColomPac Fashion Boxes

Ask The Experts

We hope the above advice gives you all the help you need to choose the right style of postal box for your needs. eCommerce despatch operations are our speciality so if you have any unanswered questions or require further assistance then please get in touch – we’ll be more than happy to help.