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How To Load A Tape Gun

Looking to speed up your packing operation? Tape guns are quicker and neater to use, you never lose the end, and each end has a consistent finish. Standard tape guns are great for if you do a lot of taping, especially when sealing Fefco 0201 standard packing boxes. 

Equipped with a pistol grip, core support for the tape, roller wheel for dispensing, a cutting blade, and a paddle for sticking the tape down – but how do tape dispenser guns work?

  1. Ensure the non-adhesive outside part of the tape is against the roller
  2. Open the tape and ensure the adhesive side is the same side as the pistol grip
  3. Slot the tape onto the core
  4. Open the metal dispenser gate and feed some of the tape through
  5. Pull the excess tape off to give you a clean edge to start taping
  6. Hold the tape gun to side of the box
  7. Pull up and over the cardboard box edges that need sealing together
  8. Press the paddle against the box and break the tape for a clean finish

Watch our handy video to see how tape guns are loaded:

Happy taping!

We hope that our guide on how to load a tape gun has been helpful. Should you need further assistance or have any questions, comment below or get in touch with one of our dedicated customer service team members and we will be more than happy to help.