How To Pack Books - 6 Innovative Solutions From Priory Direct
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How To Pack Books

By Lauren Churcher  |  25 March 2020  |   5 minute read.
Book Wraps

At Priory Direct, we love reading, and are firm believers that the things we love, especially our favourite books, deserve the very best protection. With over 30% of internet users reporting to be reading more now than ever before, due to the global coronavirus pandemic, and over 202 million books sold in the UK last year, it’s so important that we know how to securely and safely pack our precious books. And we’ve got the perfect products to help with that.

Book wraps and cardboard mailers are the perfect eco-friendly choice for a fast, hassle-free packaging experience, providing robust, durable protection for a huge range of products, but most popularly, as the name suggests, for mailing books. From cardboard mailers and Priory Elements EcoWraps – a style used by eCommerce giants Amazon – through to the mighty corrugated cardboard reinforced book mailers, we’re confident that we have a book packing solution for just about any and every book held even in the largest of libraries.

Cardboard Mailers

For a small and thin book such as The Twits, MailJacket Cardboard Mailers are the ideal solution. Constructed from 400gsm, 100% recycled card, these mailers are perfect for packing and shipping lightweight, thin, non-delicate books. Simply slide the book into the cardboard MailJacket and seal using their peel and seal closure – it couldn’t be easier. The smooth cardboard interior allows for snag-free packing whilst the pre-creased capacity grooves expand to ensure a snug and secure fit. Offering a low-cost, minimal protection solution, these cardboard mailers are the perfect choice for a high capacity, low budget operation. We also offer these in a lighter 350gsm version with our Priory Elements EcoMailers. Plastic free and planet friendly, our EcoMailers are printed with easy to understand eco markers, helping you tell your eco story and ensure your customers are aware of their excellent eco credentials. Both ranges are manufactured to fit through all UK and European letterboxes, ensuring low-cost postage, you’d be a Twit not to try them!

Economy Book Wraps

Priory Elements EcoWraps

For thicker paperbacks such as The BFG, our own brand Priory Elements EcoWraps are the best choice. Made with 85gsm high quality corrugated paper, these eco book mailers are the perfect choice for lightweight, paperback books. Made from sustainably sourced materials, our EcoWraps are biodegradable, recyclable and plastic free; the ultimate planet friendly solution for sending your books. To pack the book; separate the flaps, place the book inside and adjust using the pre-folded grooves so it snugly fits your book. Fold the rest of the mailer to wrap around the book, and use the peal and seal strip for a safe close. They also come with an integrated tear-open strip for a frustration free opening experience for the recipient. As with the EcoMailers, our EcoWraps are printed with eco markers to help convey your commitment to protecting the environment; shipping your books has never been so eco-friendly! Trusted and used by Amazon, we’re confident these cardboard book wraps will deliver a whoopsy-whiffling level of protection for a low-cost mailer.

CP 020 Book Wraps

For a small hardback book like Alice In Wonderland, the CP 020 ColomPac Book Wraps are excellent for when delicate books need more robust protection. Manufactured from durable B flute corrugated cardboard with reinforced edges and corners to deliver a high level of protection, these mailers make packing books for shipping safe, quick, and easy. Manufactured carbon neutrally, all the ColomPac Book Wraps ranges are biodegradable, recyclable, plastic free and made from sustainably sourced materials; so they really do tick all the eco boxes. Simply place your book in the wrap and use the pre-folded flaps to adjust the mailer to snugly fit your book. Fold the book wrap to wrap-around your book so all edges are sealed, and use the peel and seal closure for a secure closure. As with the EcoWraps, this book packaging comes with an integrated tear-open strip for a frustration free opening experience. For a sturdy solution to pack books, don’t fall down the rabbit hole – look no further than our CP 020 Book Wraps.

CP 020
CP 037

CP 037 Flexible Mailers

For bigger hardbacks or sending several, such as A Series of Unfortunate Events, the CP 037 ColomPac flexible mailers are exactly right. These book mailers are perfect for smaller hardback books and are similar to the previous two wrap-around options, but much faster and less-fiddly to pack. On these mailers, you place and pack the books in the centre and fold the edges of the wrap on top of the book to give a double layer of all-round protection, and there’s peel and seal adhesive closures on each end to ensure the contents are extra secure, keeping any unpleasant surprises, misery, and woe firmly within the pages of these stories. These eco-friendly book wraps also come with an integrated tear-open strip so your recipient can quickly and easily get their hands on their new books.

CP 035 ColomPac Reinforced Book Wraps

For a heavy hardback book such as the Winnie The Pooh collection, our CP 035 Reinforced Book Wraps offer exceptional protection for these larger books. As with the CP 037, these book mailers are quick and easy to pack from the centre, and the flaps can be adjusted to snugly fit the book. Fold the edges of the mailer to wrap on top of the book to act as double thickness for extra strength, and the peel and seal adhesive strip at each end ensure the contents are kept secure. The wonderful thing about these Book Wraps is that they’re the only one for sending this book – a robust, planet friendly mailer which truly delivers premium quality when you need it most.

CP 035
CP 030

CP 030 ColomPac Extra Strong Book Wraps

For sending lots of bulky books such as the Harry Potter series, the CP 030 ColomPac Extra Strong Book Wraps is the perfect match. These mailers are the ultimate choice for book protection, working exactly the same as the CP 035; packed centrally, wrapping the rest of the mailer around the book to give a double layer of protection, with two adhesive strip closures. To give the very best security and protection, the adhesive strips overlap the packaging edges to provide reinforcement for heavy goods, and prevents content removal from the sides. These book wraps come with an integrated tear-open strip for a frustration free opening experience, and consistently provide the very best of the best protection, even if Hedwig is your courier of choice…

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We hope this has given you all the information you could possibly need to know about how to pack books, and probably a little bit more too. We pride ourselves on our service and sharing our knowledge wherever possible, so if you have any questions then speak to us on live chat, give us a call on 01622 580100 or use our contact us page.

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