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How To Use Label Template Downloads

Choosing the right label for your needs and then getting everything to line up perfectly can sometimes be tricky and confusing. That’s why we offer free label template downloads to help you ensure your addresses align flawlessly every time. We have written this guide on everything you need to know about label templates, where to find them, how to use them and other frequently asked questions.

What Are Label Templates & Which Ones Are Available?

Our label template downloads are a downloadable guide, demonstrating the style, shape and size of the label for you to print and try. Available as Word and/or PDF downloads, our templates are there to help you with all your label printing needs. 

We offer free template downloads of all our Integrated Label styles and all our A4 Printer Label sizes. With a wide range to choose from, you can try out a variety of templates to ensure you have the right label for you.

How To Find Our Free Label Template Downloads

There are two easy ways to locate our label template downloads. Firstly you can visit the product page of the label you want to download, click on the ‘Downloads’ tab, and download your template from there. 

Secondly, you can visit the ‘Downloads’ page in the footer of our website to access all our label templates in one place.

How To Use Our Label Template Downloads

There are two reasons you may need to use our downloadable templates, firstly, to choose which style or size of label is right for your needs. And secondly, to print address labels directly from your computer onto your labels. Let’s take a look at both processes now.

Choosing the right style or size label for you

Whether you are looking for integrated labels or A4 printer labels, our downloadable templates can help you choose which label size and style is best suited to your needs.

  1. Begin by printing your address or invoice onto a plain piece of paper. Then measure the area that you will need your label to cover. 
  2. Search our range of Integrated Labels or A4 Printer Labels and find one that fits within your dimensions.
  3. Download the label template in Word format, or if you have PDF editing capabilities, the PDF format.
  4. Ensure that the outline of the labels are showing on the template. For A4 printer labels in particular, you may need to right click on the page and add a table outline. You should then be able to see the label template clearly.
  5. Print the templates using your normal office inkjet or laser printer. 
  6. Place the printed templates back into your printer paper tray, and print your address label, invoice or packing note. This will enable you to check how well suited that label is to your needs.

You may need to repeat this process a few times with different sized labels to ensure you get the best fit for you. However, once you have found the best fitting label, you can go ahead and order a free sample of the label to double check its suitability, or place your order of 100 or 1000 sheets and get printing right away.

Printing addresses directly from your computer onto your labels

If you have already found and purchased the right labels for you, but need a helping hand printing labels directly from your computer, then you’re in the right place.

  1. Begin by downloading the template that matches the label you have purchased. If you have PDF editing capabilities or are undertaking a professional print job, then please do download the PDF format. If not, go ahead and download the Word format.
  2. Ensure that the outline of the template is not showing – you may need to right click on the page and select ‘no outline’.
  3. Next, input the address information or other relevant data that you want to print into the label field. Be sure to input all data correctly and double check before you print – you don’t want to waste any of your label sheets!
  4. Load your labels into your office inkjet or laser printer.
  5. And finally, print – it’s as easy as that!

Ask The Experts

We hope the above advice gives you all the help you need to access and use our downloadable label templates. eCommerce despatch operations are our speciality, so if you have any unanswered questions or need further assistance then please do comment below or get in touch – we’ll be more than happy to help.