What is the eco score?

We created our eco score to help you understand how eco-friendly your packaging choices are so you can ensure your business's packaging is as eco-friendly as possible.

Our eco-score system scores products from 1 to 5 based upon the following criteria.

Eco promise one

Sustainable Materials

Is the product made from recycled material, sustainably sourced papers, or other sustainable materials?

Eco promise two

Climate Neutral

Is the product carbon and climate neutral?

Eco promise three


Can the product be 100% recycled?

Eco promise four


Will the product biodegrade naturally?

Eco promise five


Is the product multi-use or reusable?

We believe these are the pillars of eco-friendliness because if all products are made from sustainable materials, in a way that doesn't impact the environment, and can be recycled, broken down naturally and re-used then the packaging market could become ecologically neutral or even positively influential.

We're committed to having an eco-friendly alternative for every item in our range which doesn't qualify for an eco-score by 2020 (we already do for 86% of our range) and to have our very-own climate neutral certification by 2021.

You can read more about our eco-promise here, we've written a handy guide to finding eco-friendly packaging alternatives here and you can shop all of our eco-friendly packaging here.