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Cardboard Envelopes Buying Guide

Josh PitmanPosted by Josh Pitman - Marketing Manager at Priory Direct.

Cardboard Envelopes are strong, rigid and robust to ensure your flat items are well protected and do not bend in the mail – we've got over 50 styles and sizes in our range to cater for a huge range of needs.

From standard Board Backed Envelopes right through to the ultimate Rigid All Board Envelopes from ColomPac, we're confident that we can help you find the best cardboard mailer for sending your products. We've created this handy guide to ensure you can easily find the perfect cardboard envelope for your needs.

Board Backed Envelopes

Board backed iconIf you're sending important documents which need to be kept flat, our Board Backed Envelopes have a paper front with a rigid cardboard backing to ensure items don’t bend in the post. Available in white and manilla printed with 'Please Do Not Bend', these envelopes are a lower cost alternative to our fully cardboard options and provide excellent protection.

MailJacket Lite™

Mailjacket Light iconOur MailJacket Lite™ range offers savings over the standard MailJacket™ due to the lower weight 300gsm card used to make them. If cost of despatch is your main focus and damages to your items are rare then look no further, the ultra slim MailJacket Lite™ is super-fast to pack with peel and seal closure and long edge opening and includes an easy open tear strip for a frustration free customer experience when your items arrive.


Mailjacket iconMailJackets™ have a peel and seal closure, smooth card interior and a tear open strip for easy opening for your customer - no tape, complex folding or hassle required. If you need a combination of fast packing, reduced postage costs and excellent in-transit protection, MailJackets will be the best choice for you.

All Board Envelopes

Allboard iconThese cardboard envelopes are made from premium grade fully coated white lined chip board to offer all round protection and great presentation. Choose All Board Envelopes if you need to keep your products and documents safe and presentable during postage – we’ve got 25 sizes to suit all needs.

Landscape All Board Envelopes

Allboard landscape iconLandscape All Board Envelopes from ColomPac® offer greater strength and protection than MailJackets and all board envelopes and the depth can be adjusted to best suit the items you’re sending. These envelopes are the best option if you need strong and robust protection and packing ease and speed is of the essence.

Rigid All Board Envelopes

Rigid allboard iconColomPac® Rigid All Board Envelopes are the strongest envelopes in our range, offering the ultimate level of protection to items to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. Reinforced edges and corners ensure items arrive neatly presented, peel and seal closure keeps packing fast and an easy open strip gives your customer a frustration free experience when opening. Choose Rigid All Board Envelopes when you need maximum in-transit protection.

Ask the experts

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