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Sustainable Packaging: Our Top Tips For How To Shop & Ship Sustainably

3rd June 2019 | 5 minute read

Lauren Churcher Posted by Lauren Churcher - Head of Performance Marketing at Priory Direct.

Whatever your business sector, whatever your job role, you’ll be aware of the need to ditch your everyday single-use plastic habits and swap to something sustainable. With the majority of plastic that has ever been made still existing in some shape or form, it couldn’t be more important to choose another material for your packaging which protects your products in the short term, and the planet in the long term. We’ve already given our best advice for how to find recyclable packaging, and explained all there is to know about the importance of choosing biodegradable packaging, so we're shifting to sustainable so you’re fully equipped with all of the knowledge you could possibly need about sourcing eco-friendly packaging.

The Importance Of Sustainable Packaging

Before we get into this, we definitely can’t ignore that packaging is a major contributor to the plastic problem and we recognise that businesses like ours are in an extremely influential position to lead the crackdown on plastic. The reality is that packaging actually protects 10 times more resources, such as energy and water, than it uses; the packaging market creates happy and sustainable supply chains for traditional and eCommerce businesses throughout the world.

With 75% of shoppers preferring paper-based packaging above plastic for its sustainable credentials, take a look at our simple swap suggestions below to start delighting and stop horrifying your customers with your packaging choices:

ColomPac Rigid Envelopes

If you need reliable, reinforced protection for your items and you find yourself typically reaching for classic plastic bubble wrap lined padded envelopes, give rigid cardboard envelopes a go. Made from extra strength corrugated cardboard to provide the very best protection, these robust envelopes are recyclable, biodegradable, and made climate neutrally from FSC approved sources – an exceptionally eco-friendly and high-quality product which we guarantee won’t compromise on the protective perks of plastic packaging and will be an excellent sustainable swap for your business and your customers.

Shop ColomPac Rigid Envelopes
Colompac Rigid Envelopes

ColomPac Euroboxes

The very best or the best in both the cardboard box and sustainable packaging worlds, ColomPac Euroboxes tick all of the boxes (terrible pun not intended.) Innovative in design, the best quality in execution; Euroboxes combine exactly to fit on pallets to avoid extra unnecessary deliveries and made to use and waste minimal corrugated. The even better news is that the cardboard that is used in manufacturing is fully recyclable, biodegradable, made climate neutrally and from FSC approved sources, and have peel and seal strip closures so you don’t need any packing tape. Genius, plastic free, planet friendly.

Shop ColomPac Euroboxes
Colompac Euroboxes

TOP TIP - Choose A Sustainable Supplier: ColomPac

We’re incredibly proud to be the UK’s leading service partner of ColomPac. Whatever your needs, we’re confident there’ll be a solution in the ColomPac range; not only do they continue to produce outstanding packaging time and time again, but they do it in the most efficient and eco-friendly way possible. Choosing a supplier for your company with the same beliefs as your company makes it significantly easier to source the right products as you can be confident that you’re getting exactly what you want and need every time, and without the unnecessary hassle and time-wasting of repetitive searching.

Packing Paper

For a protective yet decorative touch to your despatches, packing paper is an excellent void fill and defence packaging solution which dramatically reduces your environmental impact. Despite the recent risen profile of biodegradable bubble wrap which takes 6-18 months to breakdown, simply nothing will or can replace the simplicity and sustainability of paper which is of course a renewable resource and takes just 2-6 weeks to biodegrade. Recyclable, biodegradable, and made from FSC approved or sustainable sources, packing paper has an eco-friendly look and feel which is a brilliant addition to your despatch operation.

Shop Packing Paper
Packing Paper


No matter how much you try for your business to go paperless, there are some necessary paper elements which are just facts of life, and labels are the perfect example. Whether you’re organising your products or shipping consignments, it’s likely that you’ll be using Integrated Labels, Printer Labels, or Thermal Labels. FSC & PEFC markers are signposts for sustainability; made from certified forests or post-consumer waste. Whichever type of label you use, you can be safe in the knowledge that it’s an eco-friendly option as all of our labels are sustainably made from either FSC or PEFC approved paper sources.

Shop Labels
Printer Labels

Ask The Experts

By educating and informing business owners and working together to ensure we shop and ship sustainably, we’re paving the way to a greener future for us all. We hope this has given you all the information you could need to know about the importance of sustainable packaging, and probably a little bit more too.

Ultimately, sustainable packaging comes down to your choice of supplier. For instance, choose a company who are proud to support and stock FSC and PEFC paper products, who use a minimum of 75% recycled materials in all of their cardboard products, and who make it super easy to find the most eco-friendly products for your needs. Need a reputable and sustainable packaging supplier like this? Look no further – say hello to our 5-Star customer service team on live chat, call us on 01622 580100, or use our Contact page.

eCommerce operations are our speciality and we can advise on all aspects of despatch to assist you in perfecting your process, so please get in touch - we’ll be happy to help.