Recycling Locator: What You Can Recycle & Where You Can Do It
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Recycling Locator: What and Where You Can Recycle

By Lauren Churcher  |  20 August 2020  |   < 1 minute read.

In an ideal world, every item of packaging would be recyclable as it would dramatically reduce our reliance on raw materials, and then would minimise our impact on the environment. A material being recyclable is only half the battle though, as it has to actually get recycled in the correct way and correct place.

So, you’ve noticed this symbol on your packaging and know that means it can be recycled, but is it accepted in your curbside recycling collection? Or is there a local recycling bank you can drop it off at? Follow the instructions below on our recycling locator widget to discover more about what you can recycle and where:


If you need any help finding recyclable packaging, check out our guide to finding some simple sustainable swaps or get in touch with us – ecommerce operations are our speciality, we’ll be more than happy to help.

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