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Tag Archives: Cardboard Boxes

CP 066 Extra Secure Postal Boxes

CP 066 Extra Secure Postal Boxes By Lauren Churcher

The go-to solution for high value or delicate items that […]

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CP 080 Module Boxes

CP 080 Module Boxes By Lauren Churcher

Designed to fit within Royal Mail size constraints to keep […]

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CP 154 Euroboxes

CP 154 Euroboxes By Lauren Churcher

Combining years of market experience with cutting-edge design and quality, […]

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CP 181 Bottle Boxes

CP 181 Bottle Boxes By Lauren Churcher

Make damaged-in-transit bottles a thing of the past with ColomPac […]

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CP 151 Pop Up Boxes

CP 151 Pop Up Boxes By Lauren Churcher

4x faster to assemble than standard packing boxes, the ColomPac® […]

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How To Choose The Right Packing Box

How To Choose The Right Packing Box By Sam Holmes

We stock over 150 sizes and styles of high quality, […]

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