What is the Eco Score? How Priory Direct Are Encouraging Eco Swaps

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What is the Eco Score?

By Lauren Churcher  |  17 March 2020  |   2 minute read.
Eco Friendly

To help you understand how eco-friendly your packaging choices are, we created our Eco score which rates products based on their eco credentials. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find and make sustainable swaps so you can transform your despatch operation and ensure you’re protecting your goods as well as the planet. 

Which credentials contribute to the Eco Score?


Can the product be recycled?



Will the product biodegrade?

Sustainably Sourced

Is the product made from recycled material, sustainably sourced papers, or other sustainable materials?

Sustainably Sourced
Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral

Is the product carbon and climate neutral?

Plastic Free

Is the product made without plastic containing materials?

Plastic Free

You’ll find these scores on all of our products, and a simplified summary score within a green leaf on the product category page. As well as this, you can sort all products in a category by the Eco Score so the most eco-friendly options are at the top of the page – making it even easier for you to choose sustainable solutions.

We hope this has helped you understand our Eco Score and that it’ll make finding eco-friendly packaging with us even easier. Our Eco Promise has further information on our environmental commitment, and we’ve compiled our top tips for how to find eco friendly packaging so you can start making the swap.

eCommerce despatch operations are our speciality, so if you have any questions then please get in touch, we’ll be more than happy to help.

8 responses to “What is the Eco Score?”

    • Hi Andy,

      Of course, more than happy to answer any questions you’ve got. In a nutshell, we want to give businesses the power to make informed purchasing decisions on how eco-friendly their packaging is. We believe the five key contributing factors to how eco friendly a product is, are: if it’s recyclable, biodegradable, plastic free, sustainably sourced, and made carbon neutrally, so we rate all of our products 1-5 depending on their credentials. The higher the score a product has, the better it is for the planet.

      I’ll send you an email now so you have my direct contact details if you have any further questions or need any more information on it


  1. With regards to the Carbon Neutral choice, does this mean the product is made in the UK? Are any of your products manufactured in the UK? Thank you, your eo-credentials seem a lot better than many others in this field.

    • Hi Liz, thank you for your comment.
      Carbon neutral products can be manufactured anywhere in the world; any carbon emissions which have been created in the process of the production of those products has been offset. An increasing number of our products are manufactured in the UK – if you send us an email to [email protected] with the products you’re looking at, we’ll be able to advise you further on where they were made
      Many thanks,

    • Hi Stuart,
      Thanks for your message. There’s a few options depending on which type of polythene bags you’re referring to;

      An eco replacement for poly mailers could be our paper mailing bags which are plastic free, recyclable, biodegradable, climate neutrally made, and sustainably sourced.

      If you’re referring to clear polythene bags, you could replace these with our compostable mailers which will completely breakdown in around 90 days.

      It’s also worth bearing in mind that all of our polythene bags are made from LDPE and are fully recyclable and can be recycled easily at larger supermarket stores alongside plastic carrier bags and bread bags.

      Hope this helps Stuart, please let me know if I can help further – I’ll drop you an email now so you have my details to discuss any other questions you may have and solutions we can provide you with


  2. Does the the eco score directly relate to the number of categories it ticks? In other words, does a score of 5 mean that it recyclable, biodegradable, plastic free, sustainable AND made carbon neutrally?

    • Hi Sumie,

      Thanks for your comment. Yes that’s right, the higher the eco-score, the more eco friendly the product is. A product with an eco score of 5 will be recyclable, biodegradable, plastic free, made from sustainably sourced materials, and made carbon neutrally.

      If you have any other questions then please let me know,


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