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What Packaging Do I Need To Securely Send Records The Eco-Friendly Way?

By Samantha Bould-Newton  |  22 June 2020  |   3 minute read.
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Choosing packaging for a specific item can sometimes be confusing; with an array of different products on the market promising to be the best, it’s difficult to know if you are choosing the right packaging for your item. 

When it comes to sending records, vinyls and LP’s, you want to make sure you are purchasing packaging that will offer the best level of protection for your valuables; keeping them safe during transit and reducing risk of damage, ensuring they arrive safely with the recipient. And you want to ensure you are choosing the most eco-friendly packaging possible to reduce your impact on the environment and help protect our planet.

When packing records, many people recommend removing the record from the outer sleeve and creating a “sandwiching”effect by placing the record between the inner and outer sleeve. This is suggested as a packing method to try and reduce damage to the outer sleeve, if the records are not packed adequately enough then they run the risk of bursting through the outer sleeve and diminishing the value of the record. You may want to consider this method when packing your valuable records, however, it’s important to remember that the more suitable and effective the packaging is, the more protection they offer. So think about this when choosing your record packaging. 

Depending on how delicate and valuable the records are and the level of protection you require, there are two packaging options for you to consider. 

7″ & 12″ All Board Envelopes

If you are looking for a low-cost, basic packaging option, then the All Board Envelopes that are perfectly sized for 7” or 12” records might be best for you. Made from 400gsm high strength solid board, these mailers guarantee to keep postal costs low whilst offering decent protection, and the peel and seal adhesive closure ensures a tamper evident seal to keep your records secure without the need for additional packing tape. Boasting a 4/5 eco score, these mailers are recyclable, biodegradable, plastic free and made from recycled, sustainable materials; so they really do tick every eco box.

Our all board envelopes are ideal if you are sending a large number of single records out daily and want to send them in the post. You potentially may want to try the “sandwiching” method with these envelopes, but we would always recommend trying this out before you go ahead and despatch.

Top tip: you may want to consider using ‘do not bend’ packaging stickers on these to ensure they are handled appropriately during transit.

7" & 12" All Board Envelopes

ColomPac LP Vinyl Record Mailers

For a more robust solution, the ColomPac LP Vinyl Record Mailer is an excellent choice. Offering wraparound protection, these mailers are made from double thickness cardboard and have safety flaps for added reinforcement; helping to keep those all important outer sleeves in perfect condition. Featuring variable depth capacity, making them ideal for sending single or multiple records, these ColomPac mailers ensure you can snugly pack the records in, reducing movement and damage during transit. As with the All Board Envelopes, the ColomPac mailers have a tamper evident, peel and seal adhesive strip for secure closure and peace of mind.

Boasting a whole host of eco credentials, these record mailers are a 5/5 on the eco score; made climate neutrally from sustainable sources, they are recyclable, biodegradable and plastic free. Ditching the plastic and going green has never been easier!

These ColomPac mailers are designed to be robust and strong enough that using the “sandwiching” method would not be necessary – but that’s entirely up to you.

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Perhaps you have your own way of packing records, LP’s and vinyls that works every time. Let us know your packing methods and tricks below in the comments section.

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