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Integrated Labels

Direct Integrated Labels

Integrated labels are vital tools for successful e-commerce businesses. Each sheet is designed to include peel-out labels for delivery, returns and any other information you require, in the same sheet as your customer’s invoice or despatch note. This means you can save time and money with a seamless fulfilment process ensuring accurate picking and despatch with one easy printout.

At we’ve developed our exclusive Direct Integrated Labels™ brand, a reliable, high quality range of integrated labels. Unlike some of the other options on the market we guarantee that Direct Integrated Labels™ will:

  • Use specially developed glue that means address labels stick firmly to all types of packaging and stay stuck in transit whatever the conditions
  • Use high quality 90gsm paper for a consistently good print finish
  • Use high quality silicone backing for smooth no-jam printing
  • Be shrink wrapped to prevent damage and give a long shelf-life

We offer a huge range of integrated labels with layouts that are compatible with all the main software and selling platforms. And if you want something bespoke manufactured to fit your business requirements we can help! Please use our free sampling service and downloadable templates to find the perfect layout for you. If you need any help or advice don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re the integrated label experts!

Single Integrated Labels

Single Integrated Labels

These Direct Integrated Labels™ come with one self-adhesive label area. This allows you to print one sheet with all your customer invoice details including an address label, making it easier to pick, pack and send products. Keeping paperwork together like this reduces the chance of any picking errors or mismatches and cuts down on the time it takes to despatch customer orders. You’ll be amazed how much difference a peel-out label can make to your business!

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Double Integrated Label

Double Integrated Labels

Direct Integrated Labels™ with two peel-out label areas are ideal for adding delivery address labels and returns address labels to your customer invoice. Keeping all your paperwork together on one print out makes picking, packing and sending fast and accurate. A self-adhesive returns label makes the returns process easy, increasing customer loyalty by helping take the hassle out of an inevitable part of the online shopping experience.

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Treble Integrated Label

Treble Integrated Labels

Use Direct Integrated Labels™ with three peel-out labels to add value to your customer communications. On one convenient sheet you can print all the order and invoice details, an address label, a returns address label, and also an additional label with a special offer or marketing message. Having all this information on one sheet is a great way to ensure accurate fulfillment of customer orders, and a sticker label featuring your logo and contact details or a promotional code will keep your business front-of-mind.

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A5 Integrated Labels

A5 Integrated Labels

Our Single Direct Integrated Labels TM now available in handy A5 sheets. These A5 label sheets are ideal for giving you neater despatch communications, allowing you to print addresses and the customer invoice on the same sheet in one simple step.

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Integrated Bullet Label

Integrated Bullet Labels

You can add special and recorded delivery postage barcodes or barcodes for stock management with our bullet style Direct Integrated Labels™.

Using carefully positioned removable bullet labels within the integrated label areas allows barcode sections and signature fields to be removed from the label even after it has been stuck to the package.

Integrated bullet labels enable you to handle all special and recorded delivery bar coding and documentation automatically on your own dispatch notes as part of your order handling process, saving time and streamlining the fulfilment process.

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Integrated Event Pass

Integrated Event Pass

Integrated event passes are an excellent tool for events management. Sending delegates a welcome letter with their personalised event pass included speeds up entrance, improves attendance and saves money.

The letter and event pass are made using fully laser compatible 90gsm paper and can both be and printed in one pass. Include barcodes, names, photos and other information as desired to give security, tracking and identity as needed.

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Integrated Card

Integrated Cards

Integrated cards are A4 laser printable pages with a peel-out laminated card or cards built into the page. It’s a perfect solution for printing ID cards, membership cards, loyalty cards or event tickets. It’s a cost-effective alternative to expensive credit-card style card printing that enables you to produce durable, personalised plastic coated cards without a need for special equipment, expensive production runs, gluing or letter merging.

We stock several integrated card layouts offering one or two credit card sized cards that have a long-lasting laminated finish for durability. There are also Dualam versions that allow the recipient to sign or add a photo before sealing their card to create a unique, tamperproof personalised ID card.

The surface of the integrated card area is coated in laser printable laminate on the face side for a professional looking finish with no smudges or blurring. The reverse of the card is backed with clear release laminate making it easy to peel the cards cleanly from the backing without risk of tears or rough edges.

Popular with charities, sports clubs and event managers, integrated cards allow you to use one printing pass to create letters with handy laminated cards that are perfect for your customers to peel out and keep. Save money by streamlining business processes or make the most of marketing and advertising opportunities by using integrated cards to create:

  • Loyalty cards
  • Membership cards
  • ID cards
  • Discount cards
  • Event tickets
  • Business cards
  • Entry passes

The possibilities are endless!

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Integrated Gift Tag

Integrated Gift Tags

An integrated gift tag is an innovative product that allows you to offer your customers the ability to send a private, personalised message with their dispatches.

The gift message is printed on the reverse of a card that is easily secured to the outside of the parcel with clear, weatherproof adhesive film. The side of the gift card that shows comes in a choice of blue, pink or green backgrounds with a white message ’A special gift message for you!’. The recipient simply peels back the film using an easy access tab to release the gift card and read the private message.

Integrated gift tag sheets are ideal for one pass printing with each sheet including a paper area suitable for a letter, delivery note or invoice, a self-adhesive address label and the integrated gift tag. The address label and integrated card section are separated from the main print area with a perforated line so you can detach the backing paper after the labels are removed for neater customer correspondence.

Integrated gift tags are easy to use and we supply full instructions and downloadable templates so you can get the most from this convenient product and add value giving your customers the chance to add personal messages when they order gifts to be delivered direct.

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