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Integrated Card

Integrated cards are A4 laser printable pages of high quality 115gsm paper with a peel-out laminated card or cards built into the page. It’s a perfect solution for printing ID cards, membership cards, loyalty cards or event tickets. It’s a cost-effective alternative to expensive credit-card style card printing that enables you to produce durable, personalised plastic coated cards without a need for special equipment, expensive production runs, gluing or letter merging.

We stock several integrated card layouts offering one or two credit card sized cards that have a long-lasting laminated finish for durability. There are also Dualam versions that allow the recipient to sign or add a photo before sealing their card to create a unique, tamperproof personalised ID card.

The surface of the integrated card area is coated in laser printable laminate on the face side for a professional looking finish with no smudges or blurring. The reverse of the card is backed with clear release laminate making it easy to peel the cards cleanly from the backing without risk of tears or rough edges.

Popular with charities, sports clubs and event managers, integrated cards allow you to use one printing pass to create letters with handy laminated cards that are perfect for your customers to peel out and keep. Save money by streamlining business processes or make the most of marketing and advertising opportunities by using integrated cards to create:

  • Loyalty cards
  • Membership cards
  • ID cards
  • Discount cards
  • Event tickets
  • Business cards
  • Entry passes

The possibilities are endless!

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Product Order Ref. Card Size
Width x Depth
A4 Sheet with Single Integrated Card
A4 Sheet with Single Card
15232 86mm x 54mm £26.65 £23.90 £21.70 £19.85 £18.30 £17.60 £16.95 £15.80
A4 Sheet with Single Dualam Card
A4 Sheet with Dualam Card
17972 86mm x 54mm £26.05 £23.40 £21.20 £19.40 £17.85 £17.20 £16.55 £15.45
A4 Sheet with Double Integrated Card
A4 Sheet with Double Card
15233 86mm x 54mm
86mm x 54mm
£42.10 £38.50 £35.45 £32.85 £30.65 £29.65 £28.70 £27.80
A4 Sheet with Integrated Card & Label
A4 Sheet with Card & Label
16339 86mm x 54mm
86mm x 54mm
£42.60 £38.25 £34.65 £31.70 £29.20 £28.10 £27.10 £25.25
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