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Paper Padded Mailing Bags

We aim to offer sustainable, planet-friendly solutions to traditional packaging products. So in our range of mailing bags, we have a great selection paper padded mailing bags that are made entirely plastic-free, even the protective inner lining. Unlike traditional padded envelopes that feature a plastic bubble inner, these paper padded envelopes are a great option for those of your wanting packaging that reduces single use plastic waste. Jiffy Green padded bags feature a 100% recycled lining and come in 10 popular sizes. If you want to packaging that protects the planet with each order, our Priory Elements paper padded envelopes are sold in parntership with 1% For The Planet, meaning 1% of each and every sale is donated to environmental charities worldwide. 

As they are manufactured with no plastic, our range of paper padded mailing bags are super easy to recycle once finished with. No need to separate the inner and outer materials, just place the entire bag into cardboard and paper recycling. 

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