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Poly Bubble Lined Bags™

Our Poly Bubble Lined Bags™ range contains Arofol Poly Padded Envelopes & Sealed Air Mail Lite Tuff Bags. Poly padded envelopes are more burst resistant and strong that standard padded mailing bags as well as being super light and fully recyclable. This makes them ideal for keeping postal costs to a minimum as well as for environmentally conscious retailers. Our poly bubble lined bags are fully carbon neutral and are supplied in boxes for easy storage and handling.

Our range of Sealed Air Mail Lite Tuff bags are made from recycled materials and 100% recyclable. The polythene materials means that they your products are well protected from water and weather conditions. The bags are lined with protective AirCap bubbles, which create a special air retention barrier to seal each bubble against air loss. This provides cushioning support to your products, ensuring they remain well protected against in transit damage.

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