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Priory Elements

Packaging that protects our elements

In partnership with 1% for the Planet.
Sustainably sourced. Responsibly sold.

Priory Elements Turtle


We believe that the future will be green or not at all, so we've produced our PrioryElements packaging range to protect our elements and the planet. All of the PrioryElements ranges minimise the use of new materials, prevent unbiodegradable waste by-products, and can be recycled fully.

We also wanted to visually communicate the environmental credentials of our PrioryElements ranges which is why we have decided to create a unique sizing system that communicates the size & product-specific credentials. We have chosen to use vulnerable and endangered animals to represent the sizes of our ranges because we want to raise awareness for the threats that they face.

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Priory Elements Green Shoots


Sustainably made. Responsibly sold.

By partnering with 1% for the Planet, we will be giving 1% of the sale of each and every one of our PrioryElements products to environmental charities; so by purchasing the PrioryElements ranges you’ll not only be making sustainable packaging choices, you will also be giving back to the planet. By connecting businesses to small non-profit charities who are driving environmental changes in their six core areas; climate, food, land, pollution, water and wildlife, 1% for the Planet have already given back £200 million to the environment. By working together, we can ensure a greener, more sustainable future for all of us.

1% for the Planet Discover our Charities
Priory Elements Pig


EcoBoxes Made from recycled materials with a peel and seal closure. Perfect postal boxes. Shop Range
Padded EcoMailers The perfect plastic-free alternative to bubble padded envelopes. Shop Range
A fully plastic-free self-adhesive tape with print. Shop Range
Plastic-free book wraps that eliminate need for void fill. Shop Range
Excellent eco-friendly alternative to poly bags. Shop Range
Keep postal costs low, and reduce your impact. Shop Range
Phenol-free thermal labels, preventing harmful particles from entering our oceans. Shop Range
Fluted envelopes that provide rigid, padded protection. Shop Range

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Josh talks us through the ranges, and the reason we created PrioryElements, and our vision for the future.



The mobius loop shows that a product is widely recyclable. If the product is made from recycled content, this will be displayed in this marker on PrioryElements ranges.


This icon is present on PrioryElements ranges that are sourced sustainably. This includes official certifications: FSC & PEFC.

Plastic Free

We want our commitment to having no plastic in PrioryElements ranges to be clear. This icon shows just that, and the products 'marine life friendly'; design.


Keeping our ranges paper-based means that almost all of them are fully biodegradable. Please note that this does not mean they are suitable for home or industrial composting.

Climate Neutral

We are committed to more than just removing plastic from packaging with PrioryElements. Ranges that feature this icon are climate neutral, meaning that any carbon footprint is offset.

Eco Freindly

Our PrioryElements icon is there as our mark of approval of a product. It also represents our commitment to environmentally-friendly packaging.

Planet Friendly Packaging

We believe that PrioryElements presents a great model for others to follow, and for our customers to improve their brand equity, whilst reducing their footprint. Partnering with 1% for the Planet has given us the opportunity to turn our beliefs into action.

We hope that PrioryElements is a big step into making ecommerce as eco-friendly as possible, minimising the damage to our planet, and our elements.

When someone purchases a PrioryElements product. They are purchasing a product that is sustainably made, & responsibly sold.

Priory Elements Otter

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