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Corrugated Cardboard Rolls & Sheets

Corrugated cardboard rolls offer super eco-friendly, low cost, flexible protection for a large range of fragile or delicate items. The shape, and design of corrugated paper means protecting delicate items and surfaces is in its nature – providing a cushioning and protective solution. Made to absorb shock and impact to keep your items in pristine condition, corrugated paper easily wraps around products, reducing the chance for any potential damage in transit. Our corrugated cardboard rolls are lightweight to keep your postal costs to a minimum to ensure you don’t compromise your protection for your products. A plastic free and green alternative to bubble wrap, whichever size corrugated cardboard roll you choose, they will be fully recyclable, biodegradable, and made from recycled and sustainable materials - perfect for eco-conscious operations.


Our range of corruated cardboard sheets are perfect for a wide range of uses including being used as dividers to separate individual items within boxes, protected them against damage, increase pallet capacity and stability to allow for product stacking. Available in two different sizes, our corrugated cardboard sheets are sold by the pallet.

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