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DPT-A3LW 37mm x 320mm 40mm x 340mm 1.5mm 10
DPT-A3 50mm x 330mm 53mm x 340mm 1.5mm 10
DPT-A2LW 37mm x 440mm 40mm x 455mm 1.5mm 10
DPT-A2 50mm x 440mm 53mm x 450mm 1.5mm 10
DPT-B2 75mm x 520mm 80mm x 540mm 2.5mm 10
DPT-A1LW 52mm x 620mm 55mm x 635mm 1.5mm 10
DPT-A1 63mm x 632mm 67mm x 642mm 2.0mm 10
DPT-B1LW 52mm x 740mm 55mm x 750mm 1.5mm 10
DPT-B1 75mm x 750mm 80mm x 760mm 2.5mm 10
DPT-A0 76mm x 891mm 81mm x 901mm 2.5mm 10
CP 072.02 108mm x 430mm 115mm x 455mm 3.5mm 10
CP 072.04 108mm x 610mm 115mm x 635mm 3.5mm 10
CP 072.05 108mm x 705mm 115mm x 730mm 3.5mm 10
CP 072.06 108mm x 860mm 115mm x 885mm 3.5mm 10