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Grass Paper Mailing Bags

Grass paper mailing bags are the ultimate planet-friendly packaging choice and an excellent alternative to polythene mailers. These great mailing bags are made entirely out of grass, a renewable, recyclable, compostable and fast-growing material which is not in competition with animal feed as the grass comes entirely from surplus areas. Due to their grass construction, these mailing bags are manufactured using less water and energy than standard paper, saving up to 75% CO2, and roughly 6,000 litres of water per ton without the use of any chemicals. The ink used for these mailing bags is also water-based and free of solvents.


Boasting the same strength and lifespan as standard paper bags, these grass paper mailing bags have a strong block bottom and gusseted sides to make loading items into the bag extremely quick and easy. Compostable, biodegradable, recyclable, plastic-free and made carbon neutrally from sustainable sources, our planet-friendly grass paper mailing bags are available in 4 popular sizes to suit your every need.

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