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Bubble Lined Bags­™, Original Jiffy Bags™, & Coloured Padded Envelopes

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Bubble Lined Bags™ are Jiffy bags style padded envelopes, manufactured to big brand standards with non-brand pricing. We stock jiffy bags style padded envelopes in over 70 sizes and styles from coloured padded mailing envelopes to plus and poly bubble bags - simply use our filters below to find the padded mailing bag for you. We also have a size conversion tool so you can shop using Jiffy bags sizes, Mail Lite Sizes, Arofol sizes and Featherpost sizes to help you find a great value padded envelope from our Bubble Lined Bags™ range.

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We stock nearly 100 types and sizes of jiffy bags, padded envelopes, and padded mailing envelopes in large quantities to ensure your business can buy reliably from us. Our main ranges include standard bubble lined bags, coloured padded envelopes, poly padded envelopes, plus padded envelopes, double padded envelopes, metallic padded envelopes and Jiffy Green Original Jiffy Bags®.


What size Jiffy Bag do I need?

It’s easy to find the right size Jiffy Bag or padded mailing bag for you with our size conversion filter. If you buy jiffy bags now and want to switch to a better value alternative you can easily find the right equivalent products in our range by clicking our size conversion tool and selecting “jiffy bag sizes”.


The Size converter also allows you to see our padded envelopes in Arofol, Featherpost and Mail Lite sizes as well as paper sizes and even standard envelope sizes, for example here are all of our A4 padded envelopes.


In addition to our size conversion tool you can also filter all of our padded envelopes by their postal size with our postal size filter.


What Style of Padded Envelope is right for me?

We have a wide range of bubble lined bag styles so, to help you choose, we’ve written a short guide to each type of padded mailing bag below:


Standard Bubble lined bags are an economy padded envelope with a high slip interior for less snagging and faster packing, heat welded edges for burst resistance and a reliable peel and seal strip for speed and peace of mind – they are also fully fsc approved and 100% carbon neutral.


Our Coloured Jiffy Bags Range has all of the great features of standard bubbled lined bags with the addition of colourful outer paper - everything you need to make your despatches noticeable.


Our Poly Bubble Lined Bags are made 100% from polythene which makes them extremely light weight, more burst and puncture resistant than paper alternatives, and fully recyclable.


Plus Bubble Lined Bags have the same high slip bubble interior and heat welded edges as our standard bubble lined bags but with an extra-strong oyster Kraft paper outer for added puncture and burst resistance.


Double Bubble Lined Bags combine the tough Oyster Kraft outer of our plus bubble lined bags with a double thickness bubble wrap lining making them the best padded mailing bags for sending fragile or valuable items which need extra protection.


Metallic Bubble lined bags are finished in a glossy, metallic outer making them super eye-catching, perfect for brand awareness, direct marketing opening rates and added perceived value. They’re also stronger than paper-based padded envelopes because of their fully plastic manufacture.


Jiffy Green Original Jiffy Bags® are manufactured using 100% recycled paper fibre lining and are fully recyclable, biodegradable and compostable making them the most sustainable and eco-friendly padded mailing bags that we offer.


Need bespoke padded envelopes or any assistance?

We manufacture bespoke sized padded envelopes and custom printed padded envelopes for many of our customers, if you’re interested in these you can make a bespoke padded mailing bag enquiry here and if you just need help finding the right bubble lined bags for your business you can speak to us on livechat or call us on 01622 580100 and we’ll do all we can to help.