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Priory Elements EcoWraps™

Providing complete wrap around protection to a wide range of products, our Priory Elements EcoWraps™ are a versatile packaging solution for business looking to become more sustainable. Designed to fit nice and snug to items such as books, frames, or electronics, our Priory Elements™ cardboard wrap mailers offer variable depth to allow you to adjust accordingly, ensuring no movement, minimising the risk of damage, and reducing postal costs from minimising shipping air.

The plastic free peal and seal strip of these EcoWraps™ means no need for packing tape, creating a tamper evident closure; significantly increasing the efficiency of your packing operation and decreasing the packing time.

Made using sustainably sourced materials, fully recyclable, 100% plastic free, and biodegradable, these EcoWraps™ are a great planet-friendly shipping solution for businesses large and small. To help you go a little further on your sustainability journey, we partnered with 1% For the Planet, meaning that with each sale of Priory Elements EcoWraps™ 1% of the total spend is donated to non-profit environmental charities.

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